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By Nafata Bamaguje

It is not a enough that Jihadists killed thousands of Americans on 11th September 2001. It's not enough that Americans are regularly targeted by violent Islamists in their own country (Nidal Hassan, Faisal Shahzad, Abdulmutallab etc). It's not enough that Americans bend over backwards to accommodate unreasonable demands by Muslims who refuse to integrate but instead indulge in stealth Jihad to creepingly impose Sharia. It's also not enough that several American Muslim groups (CAIR, ISNA etc) are fronts for the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood that is sworn to destroy America from within.

Muslims in America have now decided to rub pepper into the still sore wound of 9/11, by building an ostentatious100 million dollar 15-storey Islamic centre/mega-mosque on ground zero where Jihadists massacred thousands of Americans. Neo-Nazis might as well erect a monument at Auschwitz concentration camp to glorify Nazi genocide of Jews.

Such crass insensitivity is particularly detestable coming from a violently intolerant pseudo-religion whose adherents deny or severely restrict building of non-Muslim places worship in Muslim countries. In Saudi Arabia non-Muslims are not only prohibited from building places of worship, Bibles and other such non-Muslim religious paraphernalia are habitually confiscated.

In supposedly secular Turkey, several landed properties of the Greek Orthodox Church – arguably the oldest Christian denomination - have been seized by government. In Egypt Coptic Christians require government permission to even repair their few remaining Churches, never mind being allowed to construct new ones. In Indonesia churches have been burnt down by Muslim mobs or shut down by local authorities. Mere rumours of churches to be built have provoked riots in some of these Muslim countries.

Here in Nigeria's Islamist north, Certificates of Occupancy are denied Churches for the limited landed properties they manage to lay their hands on, so that they are under the perpetual threat of being demolished as “illegal structures” since they lack proper documentation with the Islamist state governments. Mosques in the predominantly non-Muslim South do not suffer the same fate.

And now one those Sharia-mongering Islamist governors - who not only denied Churches certificates of Occupancy but also ruined the livelihood of many non-indigenes by destroying their alcoholic drink shipments - now wants to become President.

Do the Muslim supremacists in the core North think we non-Muslims are fools? Just a few years ago one of such Muslim supremacist presidential aspirants who is still in the race, reportedly told Muslims to only vote for Muslims. And without any public rebuttal, explanation or apologies the arrogant Islamist expects we mumu Aarna (stupid non-Muslims) to vote him as president.

Little wonder northern Islamists have become so desperate about zoning, because the way they are carrying on, there's no way Christian/moderate Muslim Middle belters and Southerners can ever vote for them in a free-for-all electoral contest.

Back to the 9/11 mosque. To put it in clearer perspective, if the reverse were the case, say Christians in a Muslim country try to build a Church on a site where Christian fanatics massacred thousands of Muslims; by now the blood of infidels would have been flowing very freely, not just in the affected Muslim country but the violence might even spread to other Muslim countries.

Yet Barrack Obama, America's Taqiyya Muslim president stupidly came out in support of the mosque, only for him to back down when Americans across the political spectrum shouted him down. For those not familiar with the concept, a Taqiyya Muslim is a Muslim pretending to be non-Muslim in order to advance the cause of Islam.

Obama's Muslim upbringing in Indonesia and his actions since he became president - genuflection before the king of Wahabi Islam, banning the mention of “Jihad” or “Islam” in America's official discourse of terrorism, anti-Israel stance and blatant lies glorifying Islam in his infamous Cairo speech – all portray him as either spineless weak-kneed dhimmi who can't stand up to Islamists, or a Taqiyya Muslim. I am inclined to towards the latter.

His temporary sojourn in Jeremiah Wright's hate spouting “God damn America” Church was a “conversion” of political convenience, as Obama could never have won the Democratic primaries as an overt Muslim, let alone America's presidency. Not so soon after 9/11.

It goes without saying that the repugnant idea of 9/11 mosque is in extremely bad taste. What were the proponents thinking to have stupidly mooted such a despicable project? Even if one were to believe the thoughtless jerks behind the mega-mosque project were naïve and genuinely oblivious of the sensitivity of Americans on the issue, why haven't they backed down now that they know otherwise?

Obviously the 69% of Americans who according to a recent CNN poll oppose the mega-mosque can't all be intolerant bigots and Islamophobes as promoters of the offensive project want us to believe. What more, Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, the nitwit stealth Jihadist behind the ground zero mosque affront, is known to have blamed America for the 9/11 attacks, and has demanded for Sharia in America.

Indications are rife that the 100 million dollar mega-mosque will be largely funded from Saudi Arabia – the same rabidly intolerant Muslim nation whose citizens constituted the bulk of 9/11 terrorists. Does a provocation get more insulting than that?

The truth of the matter is that Islam has always been a pseudo-religion that strives for Caliphal world domination, hence many Muslims cannot resist lure of in-your-face triumphalism over infidels that the proposed 9/11 mosque would represent. The name of the 9/11 mosque project tells its all – Cordoba initiative.

For it was in Cordoba, capital of Muslim occupied Spain over a thousand years ago that Muslim invaders built one of the world's largest mosques on the site of a destroyed church.

This triumphalist Muslim tradition of erecting mosques on sites revered by conquered non-Muslims also informed the provocative building of the infamous Dome of Rock & Al-Aqsa mosques on the Jewish holiest site in Jerusalem – Temple Mount (remnant of King Solomon's temple). Those offensive structures on the Jewish holiest site are now one of the reasons Palestinians insist Israel must hand over East Jerusalem.

In Moghul India, Muslim conquerors either built mosques on destroyed Hindu and Buddhist temples, or simply converted them to mosques. Not to forget the famous Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul, Turkey which used to be a Byzantine Cathedral.

In the same vein the proposed mosque on 9/11 ground zero where Jihadists killed thousands of innocent non-Muslims and demolished a notable symbol of America's economic power (World Trade Centre twin towers), would signal Muslim victory over infidel America – the number one obstacle to the establishment of a global Muslim caliphate.

America's significance as a formidable bulwark against the emergence of a global Islamic caliphate or other such Islamic supremacist endeavours is not just because she is the numero uno superpower, but more importantly the ideals and values she epitomizes - secular democracy, gender equality, intellectual and religious freedom, freedom from cruel inhuman punishments - all of which are not just antithetical, but are an existential threat to Islam.

With Islam imperiled by this superior humane ideology, small-minded Islamists can't allow an inconsequential matter like respecting the 9/11 dead stand in the way of a chest-thumping monument glorifying a historic Jihadist victory on ground zero. After all the 9/11 dead were mostly decadent infidels who should be roasting in Allah's fictitious torture chamber – hellfire.

In a disingenuous attempt at Taqiyya spin, the promoters of the provocative 9/11 mega-mosque have proffered the deception that it is not just a mosque but a multicultural centre for inter-religious dialogue. Yet they have been unable to answer in the affirmative whether the interfaith “multicultural centre” would also accommodate a Church, Synagogue, Hindu temple or even a “pagan” African shrine.

It amounts to sheer self-destructive madness for Muslims to insist on a mosque at 9/11 ground zero. Self-destructive because such brazen provocations that test the patience and tolerance of the overwhelmingly non-Muslim (99%) Americans are not at all in the long term interest of Muslims in America and will backfire.

Already there are unconfirmed reports of some Americans resisting construction of mosques in their neighbourhoods. Given that mosques are veritable breeding ground for terrorists, one can't blame such anti-mosque Americans. Just last month (August 2010) in hypertolerant “multicultural” Europe, German authorities in Hamburg had to shut down the Taiba mosque notorious for breeding terrorists.

As Muslims continue to provoke and push the buttons of we infidels around the world, it is only matter of time for a global backlash that will finally rid humanity of this Islamic menace.

It might require another one or two 9/11 type catastrophes, or even worse now that Pakistani Taliban is trying to grab Pakistan's nuclear weapons, and Iran is about to join the nuclear arms club. But eventually even the politically correct “Islam is peace” dhimmis and other such non-Muslim wimps will be jolted out of their perfidious complacency, to decisively and finally finish off the Islamist pestilence.

Nafata Bamaguje