Beautiful Love

By Melanie Miller
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Your love is so warm, caring and loving.
Your love is the most beautifullest bird in the whole world.

You sing to me in my vivid dreams and beckon for me to enter into another realm,

with you.
You care about me, tis' true.
You open your soul to me, you touch me and embrace me and make me feel complete.

You sweep me right off my womanly dainty feet.
No one can compair to you or hold a candle to you.
You are the moon that shines in my long flaxen blonde hair, and your love looking into,

my eyes of azure blue,
and you kiss me gently on my sweet lips and kiss my honey dew of sweet passion and desire.

Only you can build this fire in me and make me feel alive inside my mind, soul and heart,

and I know we shall never part.
You are the love of my life and some day, I wish to be your loving wife.

We will be together forever my enchanting white knight and we will always take that magical flight,

You are that angel that came to my rescue and took me under your angel wings.

We can soar so high, in the blue yonder skies and kiss yet again on a white cloud so high.

You are the one for me, we are meant to be, as one, my love.

You can take me places, that I never been to before, and I know magickal love is always in store for us,

and I put my trust in you alone.
So stay with me for the rest of our lives, and take me into your warm manly arms and caress and undress my soul

with passionate desire..for you are the only one I desire touching and holding me, just you alone.

We are each other's desire and destiny and forever shall we be together like a song in the still of the night.

We can love one another under the blazing sun that shines so bright and we take delight in knowing we are like the stars,

that shine so effervescent and look at them we shall as we tenderly and affectionatly embrace under them.

We are like the southern winds of time, and we chime together so perfectly.

You are all mine and I am all the woman you need for the rest of your life.

I will call you in the corners of my mind and you will come running to me, and kiss me so warmly and deeply, with such inner passion...

you feel for me.
So take solace in knowing that our love will always be growing and that we shall always be just as if we are one, in the darkness of the darkened night.

We will soar forever on a carpet of love...and you will be my man for all times to come.

We will beat on a drum and a song of romance will make us dance and dance we shall, on a blanket of magickal stars.

So take me into your arms and allow me to breathe in your love and know this, you are all I want and need, no need for me to greed...

for materialistic things and objects when you are the object of my affection.

You are to me, my one true love and forever shall I be the only love you need.

the end