What Sekibo & Amaechi should do to each Other

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While many aggrieved politicians in other states, and indeed, Rivers State have congratulated their governors after they (politicians) lost in the different courts of the law they took their governors to after the 2007 elections and have been busy contributing to the development of their states, Dr. Abiye Sekibo, one time Minister for Transport and Secretary to the State Government (SSG) have not yet recognized Governor Chibuike Amaechi as the Executive Governor of Rivers State, on reasons best known to him. And, is it not time Sekibo makeup with governor Amaechi? It is time Sekibo diminishes influence and pride and makeup with Amaechi. As well, Governor Amaechi should makeup with him.

Sekibo should do this as a matter of exigency for the growth of our state since he has told us in the Sunday Independent of August 15, 2010, that he was Amaechi's ardent supporter at the time Amaechi won the party (PDP) primaries for the 2007 gubernatorial elections in Rivers State in 2006 and didn't oppose him. He has told us that he had nothing personal with Amaechi. The question now is what went wrong that Sekibo turned to be opposing the Amaechi-led Government of Rivers State?

I wouldn't know what perverted Sekibo's mind not to accept Amaechi as the governor of our state since the Supreme Court judgement of October 25, 2007 ruled in favour of Amaechi, and the then sitting governor Celestine Omehia was ousted. The Supreme Court is the last hope for any political or domestic matter brought to the court of law. Does Sekibo understand this?

If Sekibo is telling us that from the day that Amaechi assumed office as governor that Amaechi has administered a measure that has brought the ethnic groups in our state to the margin, Sekibo should see that statement as his own opinion, and not the generalisation of our people. And assuming there was anything as such, how has Sekibo been fighting to correct it if not by adding fire to his perceived inferno? He was supposed to be an elder statesman and was supposed not to be making such statement that is capable of causing more ethnic barrier instead of bringing our people together.

In my own observation, I don't think that Amaechi has been exhibiting ethnic sentimental differences for any political reasons as Sekibo is wont to make us believe, rather I see Amaechi as more of an “introvert” than an extrovert. Amaechi cares much for whatever that goes round in our state than pleasing anybody irrespective of how highly placed or seen, to the detriment of our people.

Did we not see in the government before Omehia that “gifts of cars and money” were given to many Chiefs and the powerful across the 36 States of the Federation from the state coffers for a single purpose of presidential ambition whereas our people were roasting? This act was what I meant by Amaechi is not an extrovert. Sekibo should leave primordial sentiment of divisions and rancour he might have learnt in the government of Rivers State he served under. Things are changing globally for good, and I think it is most important time everyone be civil.

Sekibo and Amaechi should stop this fight of the titans which I don't think is necessary in Rivers State, at this time. They should know that any male child whose father beats his mother would probably beat his own wife tomorrow, because he might have thought that, that was a way of life, but it's not. Our children are learning, Sekibo and Amaechi.

In the eyes of Sekibo, perhaps he had learnt Amala politics in the past and thought that such was the only way to play politics, but it's not. Democracy in Nigeria is taking a divergent path, and Amala politicians shouldn't be scrambling for the rope. Whether Amaechi was elected by our people or appointed by the Supreme Court to rule Rivers State, the later being Sekibo's antagonism, I don't think that such reminisces is important now since Amaechi has not failed 80% the pressing need of our people. We want peace and good governance and not importantly how the person leading emerged. I say this because, many times, those that were “truly” elected had nothing to show for their stewardship. Have we not seen and experienced that in Rivers State in the past?

I was telling people recently that Nigeria doesn't necessarily need a “free and fair” elections, what we need are free and fair-minded men to govern us. We might have the freest and fairest elections in Nigeria, but without fair-minded leaders who would say “no” to the culture of looting our collective treasury, such elections are useless. I think Amaechi is a fair-minded leader who hearkens to the plight of our people, by the developmental strides of his administration. Whether anyone likes it or not, I am yet to believe that Amaechi has been leading us in a way that tends to divide our state, but I have seen that some men like Sekibo are thinking in directions that tend to divide our people by not supporting this government to rebuild our “failed” state.

However, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) national hierarchy should wield into the matter. But my fear against that is that the now PDP national chairman, Dr. Okwesilieze Nwodo didn't recognise Amaechi as our governor by a statement he made during the Birth Day celebration of Prince Tonye Princewill in 2008. Nwodo said that how can a man be governor through the Supreme Court? Amaechi was in attendance. The convener of the occasion later put Nwodo and everyone in attendance straight. Nwodo was then in the Action Congress (AC). Would Nwodo makeup now?

No matter what, I will like Sekibo to sheathe his sword. He should understand that our state is bigger than anybody or group. Amaechi should as well sheathe his sword, if there's any. Amaechi should as well diminish his influence and pride and make sure that all our people are in harmony. This is because a good shepherd must look after a runaway sheep, no matter how dogged the sheep might be. This act doesn't mean weakling. Sekibo should stop talking about how law was meant for man or how man was meant for law. What is important is that man has interpreted the law and said that Amaechi is the Governor of Rivers State.

Odimegwu Onwumere, writes from Oyigbo, Rivers State. Mobile: +2348032552855. Email: [email protected]

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