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Uzodinma Ukpechi used to be one of the most versatile movie directors in the Nigerian movie industry, also called Nollywood, but little do people know about what actually frustrated him out of the make-believe industry.

Uzodinma, who was recently married, has now carved a niche for himself by directing top musical videos in the country. He said he opted out of Nollywood due to the falling standard of movies.

In his opinion, he sees no reason why Nollywood shouldn't have developed beyond the level it is right now considering the tremendous progress being made in the music industry.

He asked: “if musical videos are improving in the country, why can't the movie industry improve as well?

“Our musical videos have improved in so many aspects; they have improved in terms of equipment, location and concept among others. But I believe the movie industry is still lagging behind.”

Commenting on the likes of Tunde Kelani, Amaka Igwe and Tade Ogidan who are popularly known for shooting better movies, Uzodinma said they've only built a name for themselves and not the industry.

“Tunde Kelani has only built a name for himself and not the industry. He belongs to the industry. Whether he likes it or not, he's part of Nollywood because his movies are being shot and sold in Nigeria. So he automatically has a share in the blame, no matter the quality jobs he has done,” Uzodinma added.

The talented Ukpechi has directed top musical videos like Tu Face Idibia's African Queen and Slam's Ibuchineke.