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Screen goddess Oby gold Edozieh has got style and class this sexy actress is also blessed with intimidating features that stand her out among her peers

Oby has been avoiding the press, in her words “when journalist called me for an interview I just turned down the request”. But I'm now a producer and I just shot my first movie and top director Lancelot Imasuen directed it for me. The movie is entitled POWERS.
I decided to go into film production so as to make more money for myself though I'm still fully into acting I still get calls to come and feature in films but I've rejected roles when the negotiation is not right.

Attention from men
I cope with it, I talk to them nicely. I don't chase them away but when they get the message they go away. I don't just go into relationship for going sake. I will settle down very soon by God's grace, God will bring me my husband; every woman's dream is to get married

The sacrifice I made was to trek to long locations because there was no GSM, people also take advantage of my kindness and goodness, and I've leant to manage it. Some people said Oby is arrogant and rude but others have different notions about me, I carry myself very well I know some people are known for such notorious attitude. People see actresses as wayward and loose person, but that didn't distract me. I don't think I've got to the height because I'm thinking of Hollywood.

Yes I took a decision to romance my friend's ex-boyfriend she stops dating for three years without telling her. That caused a lot of troubles, lies, rumours and misunderstanding between us. Wao! I didn't know I would be blackmailed to such extent. I could have just told my friend that I'm dating her ex-boyfriend. That is why I don't have any best friend in the industry but I only have colleagues that are friends, my mother and sisters are my best friends.

Great kisser
When we kiss, it's make-believe. Your lips do not have to open; you just have to paste your mouth on the guy's lips. Then you move your head left and right. My first real kiss was after I finished my secondary school.

I would love to meet and dine with IBB, Donald Duke and James Ibori.

The upcoming artiste should be focused and not too desperate, I thank all my fans for their love and care. I will not disappoint them.