Basketball: Green To Take Break From Warriors After Altercation With Teammate

By Chimezie Nebolisa

Golden State Warriors Draymond Green will be away from the team after being involved in a physical altercation with team-mate Jordan Poole.

Reports suggest Green could face disciplinary action after becoming involved in a heated interaction with Poole, forcing the team to halt practice.

Speaking to the media, Green apologised to Poole and his family, and hopes he could still face the Los Angeles Lakers in Friday’s season opener.

“Number one, I was wrong for my actions. There’s a huge embarrassment that comes with [this]. Not only for myself, as I was the one who committed the action, but the embarrassment that Jordan has to deal with and that this team has to deal with, this organisation has to deal with. But also Jordan’s family. His family saw that video. His mother, his father saw that video. If my mother saw that video, I know how my mother would feel. I watched the video 15 times, maybe more, because when I watch the video, I’m looking at the video, I’m like; ‘this looks awful! This looks even worse than I thought it was’. It’s pathetic,” he said.