Jonathan commends D-8 as Vehicle for Economic Growth


President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has said the pooling of resources for common good by the Developing Eight (D-8) countries, offers a unique approach to development which is consistent with the imperatives of a globalised world.

To this end, President Jonathan said Nigeria will use the opportunity of its leadership of the D-8 in the next two years to intensify development cooperation, and promote the efficient allocation of resources among member-states on the basis of the principle of comparative advantage.

He made these remarks yesterday at the Pre-Summit State Dinner in honour of Heads of State and Government of the Developing Eight countries.

“In a world that has become truly global, in which our fate as peoples and nations have become interconnected, the D8 development model of pooling resources for the common good, offers a unique approach to development,” Jonathan said.

The President said Nigeria values its membership of the D8 dearly, both as a vehicle for development cooperation and as a manifestation of the strong bond of friendship and shared interests among member-states which, he said, transcends geography and religion.

The President commended the D8 Secretariat and its Council of Ministers for working hard to prepare the grounds for today's Heads of Government meeting that would adopt the Abuja Declaration.

He expressed hope that the document will provide the impetus for mutually beneficial trade and economic relations among the D-8 member-countries.

At the dinner were the President of Turkey, Abdulla Gul, the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia and out-going chairman of the D-8, Tan Sri Mohammed Yassin, as well as Heads of delegation and Foreign Ministers of the D-8 countries.

The Abuja Declaration is expected to address issues that could help cushion the effects and challenges facing D-8 member states on global economic recession, world trade, energy, transportation, climate change and global warming as they affect agriculture, food and security.

The D-8 countries are Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, and Pakistan.