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By NBF News

For couple of weeks now, football fever has gripped half of the world's population. Including BW? Sure! Everywhere you go on the net, your 'upper stiff lips neighbours, colleagues, who swore not to talk and laugh with you suddenly turn into an 'oh boy did you see how these boys disgraced us…? Just with one statement of what have been happening in the ZULU country, that long time enemy turns out to be a very 'jolly-jolly good fellow. I guess that just one aspect of international soccer competition I love so much—-it radiates so much love and unity.

I have been wondering the kind of spirit behind a game like soccer to make it attract so much attention and patronage all over the world. I only pity wives whose husbands' favourite teams has not been doing well and mushed up like lots of them has done. Please, ladies this is not a period to talk about London, Paris, Dubai shopping till 11th July when this competition is over. Please, keep your peace unless you want your spouse to pack out for you. Try and leave the remote alone and no changing of channels to soap opera and telenovela. If you have more than two TV, let him be wherever he wants to watch his soccer and use the other TV. If you have just one TV and he hijacked it, please take a good walk out, go to the beauty salon or simply lock yourself up in your room with your favourite magazines and bestsellers. The big part- If you are lucky his cluster of male friends are not blowing the deafening VUVUZELA, prepare special regular meals for them oh!!

Now I been following this World Cup craze and it has been to me- 'oh how the mighty fallen….' and what readily comes to mind is a very crucial question…. IS IT POSSIBLE FOR ANY AFRICAN TEAM TO GET TO THE FINALS not to talk about reatining the cup in African soil? A miracle e-eh? There is no need going over all the sorry performance of African Teams in this competition even though a lot of european powerful teams were humiliated by countries not known in the soccer game as well. Am concerned about African teams. Imagine someone like Samuel Etoo, born with goal scoring, getting only one goal for Cameroon. Then come to Nigeria's Super Eagles? With all the European playing stars simply amazed Nigerians with their performance. Soccer fans allover the world were looking unto them to redeem Africa. Is there any chance to do that with their positon? Gr-rrr!!!!!

I kept wondering why these stars score regular goals when playing for their clubs but when it comes to their nations, different ball game. Maybe it is time African countries concentrated on training young players who will always stand by and represent them. Does it mean the present Super Eagles are laden with old players? Someone tell me more!!

Well, BW filled with inspiration,motivation and empowerment not just for the women but youths too got talking with one young great Nigerian upcoming footballer——UDOEZE ELDAD UGWUEBGU who has a local team in Abuja. He confessed his love for soccer. The young man who is preparing to enter the university is very intelligent, bright and smart and is looking foward to playing for Nigeria one day if given the opportunity to do so. He sent me some great pictures where he is playing with his team in Abuja and he is cool and will do wonders in football. BW will be glad to give more details of him to anyone who cares to empower and encourage this young active son of Nigeria to actualize his football dream.