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Ahead of 2011 general election, Director-General of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Brig-Gen Mi Tsiga has stressed the need for every Nigerian to aspire for a free and fair election in the country.

He said that the conduct of free and fair election devoid of violence and denial of access to the ballot box remains critical to sustainable development of any society.

The NYSC boss made the remarks in a paper delivered at workshop on 'Youth Restiveness and Future Elections organized by Amprok Technologies in collaboration with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in Abuja.

He expressed regrets that the nation's electoral process have been polluted and characterized by corruption, violence and sundry vices.

The military officer said that INEC should not only to be blamed for the flaws in the nation's election reasoning that the development is party of the national malady.

'There is a deepened culture of electoral insanity and profanity endorsed by almost everyone in the country.

'There has been the tendency not to confront evil when one's kinsmen is involved. We are all guilty', he added. He stressed the need for the people's change of attitude He stressed the importance of youths in any society but observed that they have a high capacity for both saintly and evil dispositions.

'The youths when properly developed and mobilized constitute great assets for nation building and when left unguarded, they become soldiers of destruction', he said. Also in address presented by the facilitators, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Prince Obinna Okwuaka said youth restiveness has become a threatening phenomenon to the nation's socio-political and economic development.