South Africa's beleaguered football team has been offered R1-million (about US$135 000) a goal to share at the forth coming World Cup finals, irrespective of whether the team wins any points, a senior official said on Wednesday.

But the South African Football Association said it still had to conclude negotiations with players over a payment and bonus structure for the team at the tournament, chief executive officer, Leslie Sedibe, said.

'We want our team to play with pride and passion, we want to inspire the players,' he told South African television as he detailed the offer for goals. This is on top of an appearance fee and bonus for points gained during the tournament, which starts next month.

Sedibe said he would negotiate with a six-man player's committee headed by Captain Aaron Mokoena including Everton's Steven Pienaar and have the matter concluded by May 31.

'It won't be a blank cheque,' he added.
The issue of player payments is traditionally contentious in South Africa, where there have often been threatened strikes by thenational team players not happy with money offered.

The odds on the cash for goals offer are firmly in the association's favour. South Africa average just over 1,1 goals per game in 250 internationals since returning to world competition in 1992.

The country has played 34 internationals over the last two years, but scored just 32 times.