Wicca Craft

By Melanie Miller
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Do you ever wonder why there are some folks that believe in the power of magick? Magic is the slight of the hand, for a magician to perform magic tricks and magick is for witch craft, sorcery or wiccan magick.

I perfer to cast magick spells for myself and friends and for family members alike. I have been casting spells since I was the ripe age of fourteen years old. I used to have a friend, and me and her would use a candle and light it, and write our desires on a piece of white paper, and ask the gods or goddess of our selection or choice and the spells seemed to come true.

I love magick and I am a white wiccan witch, so these days, I only cast good magick for others. I would never want to cast a wicked spell on anyone or animals either. I love to learn about wiccan magick and have read extensively on the study of magick, white magick mainly. My mate wants to learn about voodooism and I am not really into this subject, although I am sure it would be interesting to read. I have a number of friends whom are into satanism and they read satanic books and may cast spells but I do not get involved in these types of magick spells such as dark or black magick.

I met a man once that had an upside down cross and he said he only worked where I did, to watch over me. I met two witches when I was seventeen yrs. of age and they wore these pentacles and they told me that I was a witch and did not even know it yet. They must'a been in their 80s at least. I never seen them again but I felt a close bond to them, as if we met in another life.

There are many witches and wizards in this world and you may be working with one and just do not know it. Witches have been around for eons and eons, and you can find penpals that are into wiccan or pagan magick or voodoo magick as well. I would like to join a coven of white witches and learn more about wiccan craft. It is interesting to learn new things, and I feel most comfortable at home casting my spells, and they do come true, always..my spell craft does for me.

Well if you are thinking or pondering on casting magick, be sure it is something you feel at ease casting. Do have fun casting all your spells, and remember to always thank the deity of your choice. Yes, be grateful to the deity and give her or him, a gift, or pour wine or another type of drink onto the earths' ground as you thank the god or goddess and you can make a pentacle out of sticks as well, and leave there on the ground, after you take leave and put berries, leaves, rocks, feathers and so on and be thankful each and every time( to the gods or goddesses) I hope this article was of much help to many wiccans or people wanting to cast spells. Thanks for reading my article

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