Oga… the search for true lovers

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For six years, she waited in the wings holding tenaciously to her script; nursing the dream that one day she would register her presence in Nigeria's movie industry.

That the young Aisha Kafidipe, C.E.O. Karfy Movies did not give up her dream even when help seemed not forthcoming couldn't have been a better way to measure the resilence of an artiste.

But when help came eventually, she was the better for it.
To Aisha, the phenomenon of the Oga (chameleon) among the Yorubas was not only that of a reptile with the ability to change to the colour of any object in its surrounding, but to use it to preach forgiveness, tolerance, and drive home the message of trust among intending couples.

According to the producer, Oga tells the story of two friends Shinnayo and Femi. They were teen age friends before the challenges of life compelled them to part ways. By the time they met again several years later, they have become adults.

Meanwhile, the tone of the conflict in the story is set when Shinaayo introduces his fiance, Yoyin to his childhood friend. Immediately, Yoyin and Femi recognised each other as former lovers and that set the stage for Femi scheming to have Yoyin back.

With that development, a lot of questions are raised in the film; questions that eventually reveal that one of the characters within the love triangle is the chameleon.

Shot on locations in Lagos, Oga which is set for release on October 18, 2004, features tested hands in the industry. They include Olumide Bakare, Kayode Odumosu, Yomi Fash Lanso, Peju Ogunmola, Khabirah Kafidipe with Segun Akinlolu a.k.a. Beautiful Nubia making a guest appearance. Speaking with Daily Sun after the media presentation of the film recently, the producer disclosed that Oga which gulped N1.8 million is her little contribution to Nigeria's film industry.