The Power Of $1 In Africa

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One of the most important aspects of every travel is to have adequate funds for a comfortable stay and not get stranded. Every tourist/traveler before embarking on a journey into Africa definately has to think about how expensive or affordable things are.

Basic things such as food and transportation are often regarded as cheap. But do you know exactly what $1 can get you in Africa? Africa’s #1 online hotel booking portal,Jovago gives a brief overview on what you can buy for a dollar across Africa. Although you might get similar things across Africa,it must be noted that items vary from country to country.

Take transportation for instance,in Ghana ,a taxi ride from the main international airport to the Accra mall goes for just about $1. When travelers get into any country for the first time,they seek to change money at a forex bureau,buy food,access the internet or simply wait in a lounge or restaurant while their host or tourist guide picks them up. One such place to get all of these is the Accra Mall. All you need is a dollar,and the ride there is sorted. Elsewhere in Africa, 2 tickets for the underground metro in Algeria or 2 litres of fuel in Nigeria both cost $1. The same amount of money will enable you to get a short “boda-boda” ride in Nairobi and while visiting Cameroon , it is possible to get a short taxi ride.

Food is one very basic component of our daily lives. Wherever we go,we must eat to survive. Availability is always important but getting good food for the right price is great. In Uganda , you can buy a plate of ‘’Katogo’’ whereas in Ethiopia , for the same price, you are able to get 6 injeras.On the other hand you can get a plate of ‘’Ndolé’’ in Cameroon and a plate of beans with fried plantain in Ghana for the same $1.

In Nigeria , $1 can get you a meat pie and in Kenya you are able to get a serving of ‘’kachumbari’’.

A plate of ‘’Attieke’’ in the Ivory Coast,a pack of clackos in Algeria and 4 roadside ‘’sambosas’’ in Ethiopia all go for $1 each. In Senegal,a kilo of potatoes goes for a dollar and do not leave without having a bottle of baobab juice all for the same amount.

Clothing or grooming cannot be left out. A beautiful culture bracelet in Tanzania and second hand blouse from the flea market in Uganda are priced at $1 each.Get a nice haircut in the Ivory Coast and look handsome all for just a dollar.

A dollar can do lots of wonders on your travel.Explore,experience and have fun on your travels knowing exactly what a dollar can do for you across the African continent.