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Mutual mistrust among opposition politicians may weaken their ability to successfully confront the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in next year's general elections. Leader of the Action Congress (AC), in Rivers State, Prince Tonye Princewill made the observation on Monday while speaking as guest of the forum organized by the Correspondents Chapel of Nigeria Union of Journalist (NUJ).

Princewill who was actively involved in the failed attempt to float a mega party said the project failed because the key players could not agree on the party platform to use to launch the much-touted major opposition party that has become still-born.

He hoped that the exit of former vice president Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, would force the opposition group to sit up.

'Let me say that may be, one of the positive factors or do I say, outcome of Atiku's leaving is that they would probably realize among them that they needed to sit up.

'Hopefully, realizing that they needed to sit up will make them sit up. But I still doubt that the mistrust among opposition politicians can be sufficiently manoeuvred to produce something that can confront the PDP.

'I want the PDP to be confronted. That has not changed. What is most unfortunate is that we got to a point where the party platform to use to challenge the PDP was the issue. What party platform to use to challenge the PDP? That question was what they could not answer. I was at the meeting, so I am not saying hearsay,' he told this correspondent.

The AC leader said he was, disappointed not just in politicians but also in the opposition, bearing in mind what he witnessed as a member of the steering committee of the NDF during the moves to form the mega party.

'When I say I am disappointed in the opposition, I really mean it. I think we had a very good opportunity. There is a difference between the opportunity we had and the opportunity we have now because Atiku is no longer there.

'Just an example of how potent the Atiku factor was, will become apparent in the days and weeks ahead. In other words, let us see what the mega party or what consolidation that will take place in the opposition ahead of the 2011 elections,' he said.

On his rumoured decamping to the PDP, Princewill said he was still consulting with stakeholders of the state chapter of the AC and the Conference of Opposition Parties in the State that he formed and led.

However, he hinted that the popular view of the groups so far consulted was that he should join the PDP even though he has his reservations.

Prince Princewill who said he was uncomfortable with the State of affairs in the country regretted that none of the political parties has clear cut ideology.