My Wife Gets Me Angry All The Time…Daniel Wilson

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Veteran reggae musician, Daniel Wilson, has just proven that no matter what happens in a marital home, both parties just need to understand each other and walk towards making the bond stronger.

The singer, who has been busy with other duties while sending his wedding anniversary greetings to his wife disclosed that their union has not been bed of roses but she has been able to stand by him all along.

He stated that no matter what she does and how she gets him angry, she is still that one woman he cannot do without.

In his wedding anniversary message, Daniel wrote, “I read many marriage anniversaries here on Facebook. I must confess sometimes I get really jealous. Women who gave their marriages, whatever it took and men, who are so faithful, providing surplus

“Why do I fight with my wife, why does she gets me so angry yet she is the one person I can't live without. Sometimes she really acts strange and slightly loony. Yes she's is crazy about me, I have no doubt our life together is so far from perfect but she's the one I love the most. On our anniversary I humbly request that you join me as I propose a toast

“Yetunde, may we grow old together and still have mad fun Happy Anniversary Whytee. I love you till pigs fly!!!”

The couple got married on Saturday December 8, 2012 after several years of living together.