You left me alone and blue!

By Melanie Miller

You left me all alone and I felt blue inside.
You did not even care to leave me a note.
Not a single word did you say about leaving me either.

I feel so alone without you, by my side.
Why did you have to go away?
I want you to come back and always stay..
with me...
You told me that you would love me forever?
Well where is forever at now?
Is it in your heart and soul, trapped someplace hidden deep down?

You were my rain and now I bare a stain in my heart.

You said you loved me and me alone., but I wonder whom you're loving now!

Is she better then I am?
Does she tickle your fancy?
Does she make passion to you, like I once did, long ago?

Why do you have to be so non chalant?
Why did you leave me in this pouring rain, to cry along with it?

Why did you hurt my feelings so much?
You could of just allowed me to know that you did not love me anymore.

You should of left a single note but like a coward all you wrote on my napkin,

was see ya around!
is this a note? this is non sense!
You are not what you seemed to be to me as when we wedded, you wore like an angel.

And're sinister like a demon.
You do not care how you treat others, do you?
These questions, I would like to ask you.
Where do you think my heart is at now?
It is torn into, broken to pieces, like shattered glass.

You wore my lad and I was your loving lass.
You wore my dream come true and now like a nightmare, it came like a thief in the night.

You said we would be together for always, and now always will never come.

So run away!
Be with someone new, for all I care..cause' I don't care anymore what games you play.

I too, can hide from the truth and run away from your love.

I can play those games too, just like you.
I will long for you, at times but life goes on and I will be strong..

so so long, to you and have a nice life.
I no longer wish to be your wedded wife!

the end...