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Have you not heard that former president, OBJ, is fully back in power? You may not believe it, but that is the truth. At least, his Save Nigeria Group (SNG) kicked out Yar'Adua and installed acting President Goodluck Jonathan. What he did was simply to apply the normal 'carrots' to buy his way into the public opinion. Then there was fanfare, grandstanding and pretences about the nation floundering with a sick head of State.

Of course, Yar'Adua's handlers had turned out amateurish in handling the man's absence. They realized so late that they were puppets in the game if placed side-by-side with OBJ. And OBJ showed them he was of a class in manipulation.

Indeed, for the avoidance of doubt, OBJ has burnt deep into the clergy that he can use them to do anything. However, that is not the issue now. It is only our reality that Obasanjo has assumed powers again and he is calling the shots in Aso Rock. If you think otherwise, how come he was reported to have written 70 per cent of the ministerial list and that those still unresolved appear to lie in his hands. He, too, determined portfolio for each.

Now, the government has so shamefacedly announced its intension to discontinue a case against Nuhu Ribadu, OBJ's battle-axe. This is just to be sure that the man, who did the dirty job for his boss, had not continued suffering abroad. The case against Ribadu at the Code of Conduct Bureau was like a simple one. 'Come and show how you acquired the Dubai estate. And why did you not declare it?'

OBJ does not want to hear of that. His boy must not be punished, even if he had committed the most sacrilegious of acts. So, Ribadu is coming back, but he is also required to continue the career in intimidation of political opponents of the ideas of Mr. OBJ. Now, they said he shall take charge as Special Adviser on Corruption, bla, bla, bla; whatever that means other than designing the Gestapo methods in hammering political opponents out of the way. That was just as he did in the last days of OBJ, 2005 -2007.

No doubt, if it has become necessary to pardon Ribadu and leave out his dereliction, let it be done. It is the idea that he is the only person capable of fighting corruption in Nigeria that is nauseating. The question that should have been asked is, 'did the OBJ government actually fight corruption the time it raised so much dust against individuals?' Go and check the list of those hounded (and are still hounded). They had disagreed with OBJ and had to be taught some 'essential lessons.' Those who were prevented from becoming governors, those who were prevented from gunning for the presidency, including IBB and those who were said to have had the temerity in insulting OBJ at one time or the other. They are the people who made up the list of EFCC candidates, and Nigerians had clapped.

Truth known by all was that OBJ's anti-corruption posturing was to intimidate political opponents. It makes some sense for him to bring back his hound, having, indirectly taken over power.

Yet, Jonathan will be making the biggest of mistakes in his life if he should just concede his presidency to a man who was military head of state for four years and had to enjoy a whopping uninterrupted eight-year run as a civilian president.

The opportunity Jonathan has today is like a lifetime occurrence. It may never come again. To now shove it into the armpits of the retired General in Ota is like giving away a birthright.