Kenyan Women Should Leave Nigerian Men They are Cheats…Kenyan Writer Fires

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

With the high rate at which accusing fingers are been pointed at some Nigerian men over their overzealous lifestyle of defrauding women while proclaiming fake love for them might gradually hinder the good Nigerian men from marrying a foreigner.

This is coming on the heels after Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, had recently warned that women should be careful of Nigerian men because they can lie for the whole of Africa and they are not to be trusted.

While many are trying to sleep over the actress statement, a Kenyan, writer, has also lashed Nigerian men with claims that they are conmen.

According to her, “Stay away from Nigerian men! All Nigerian men are conmen. Repeat after me; “All Nigerian men are conmen”. There are no exceptions here. When you see a Nigerian man, run the other way. Don't stop to invoke the name of Jesus or pray. Just take cover.”

The angered writer stated that she was just confused on what her fellow Kenyan women see in Nigerian men that they continue to spend resources just to have them and later begin to weep after the relationship has gone soar.