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Why Asaba attracts movie producers

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Delta State was created from the then Bendel State on 27th August 1991 by the then regime of General Ibrahim Babangida. Delta State is named after the delta region of the River Niger. Its capital is Asaba.

Warri is the biggest commercial city in the state. Other major towns are Agbor, Ughelli, Oleh, Ozoro, Oghara, Sapele, Koko, Burutu, Okpanam and Ogwashi-ukwu. Delta State can be considered a miniature version of Nigeria, with various ethnic groups.

The Major ethnic groups are Urhobo, Igbo, Ezon, Isoko and Itsekiri. All the ethnic groups claim a common ancestry; consequently, their cultures are similar. These similarities are manifested in their religious folklores, dances, art and crafts and festivals.

Delta State, a land of peace and promise is blessed with a rich and diverse cultural heritage, Deltans are a people that cherish and promote the values of industry, ingenuity, hospitality and inclusiveness. Imbued with friendly geographical and weather conditions conducive for all, Delta is a land blessed with abundant human and material resources spread across all parts of the state. Described as the “finger of God,” Delta State, Nigeria.

Delta State has scores of attractions that are simply compelling. Fascinating palaces, historic sites, monuments, birthplaces of famous people, traditional festival and craft centres.

The beauty of Delta State is held together by the dozen of rivers, stream and creeks which crisscross it. The majestic Niger, one of the most famed rivers of Africa, washes the shores of the capital city, Asaba. Further downstream, it breaks into the dozens of creeks through which it empties itself into the Atlantic. During the dry season, the golden sandbanks of the Niger are sight to behold and ideal for relaxation.

The traditional festivals of Delta State are the most obvious harvests of its cultural wealth. Every community has at least one festival. Most are celebrated annually, while some are biennial. All festivals are occasions for display of the rich arts of the people. These festivals are what truly make Delta State “the land of one thousand dances”.

The state is endowed with a rich cultural heritage with various kinds of festivals are held in the state. There are over 108 hotels and suites in Asaba built and designed for the comfort of visitors, including the movie industries who catch in, on the serenity of Asaba and its luxurious hotels to maximize profits, by making rich their movies shooting in Asaba, the state capital.

Some of these hotels in Asaba maximally designed to suit the celebrity's action include Grand hotel Convention centre & Resort, Asaba; Orchid hotels, Asaba; Hotel Benizia, Asaba; Asabana Suites and Hotel; SouthGate Hotel; Doko International Hotel; Nelrose Hotel; Lone Palm Hotel; Chad-EF Hotel; Zenith Hotel; amongst others.

Expectedly, these hotels and suites are beautifully made that they bring out the uniqueness and beauty of any film being shut there, to the extent that the movies while being watched on the television screen always look like movies shot abroad.

Again, the indigenes and residents of Asaba are hospitable people who accommodate visitors with good motives. Above all, because Asaba people are by the river Niger, there is that cultural affirmative between them and several people around Asaba.

Succinctly, Delta state, originally “The Big Heart”, both the previous and present state governments have been accommodating and magnanimous in supporting anything that would be to the growth and development of the state.Click:Power shift: From Ota farm,Otuoke to Kaduna

As a result, many Delta-born are now engaged in entertainment industries, including the movies. Many of Delta-born artists always bring their colleagues to Asaba for movies shooting, grooming of young ones amongst others.

However, the level of movie production in Asaba has blossomed because Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan-led government included one of their own, Mr. Richard Mofe Damijo popularly known as RMD in his State Executive Council, as the state Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, which has increased the movie activities in Delta state, especially Asaba, the state capital.

Severally, these Artists, Comedians, Actors and Actresses have been brought into Asaba for one competition or the other. At times, the state government through RMD would organize harvest of talents otherwise tagged “Talent Hunt” where more Deltans are engaged in the competition and the winner goes home with a tantalizing prize.

Moreso, the peaceful nature of Asaba and those residents in it have helped in paving way for movie productions in Asaba. Also, the non too busy atmosphere of the capital city which permitted free human and vehicular movement in the area has also helped.

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