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He was a consistent challenger who never rest on his oars. He is focus, purposeful in his undertakings and meticulous in his political designs. So far, his steadfastness and lucky streak has paid off as he waits to be sworn-in to sweep away about a decade old of arrogance, malignant self-seeking and boast. In this piece, Ahmad Muhammad, a seasoned media practitioner, looks at the hurdles that the Governor-Elect faced and skillfully surmounted with his political dexterity and well balance spiritual intervention.

lh the weeks leading to the election, out-going Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa in his usual boisterous manner was the cheer leader of a sponsored televised montage of a campaign train of his anointed successor, Alhaji Aminu Ringim.

The governor, in a manner reminiscent of Nietzschean canticle that rationalizes market place accomplishment over spiritual blessings, asked a motley crowd of supporters, “who knows Badaru” that he will come and seek this coveted seat of governorship. Like most things Lamido, his holier than thou attitude took the center stage. To him, Badaru, who does not belong to the 'almighty' Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is not fit to even contemplate gunning for a seat an intrepid like him has held for eight years.

His thoughts, as was reflected in his dubious character smudge, were: “who the heck does this guy think he is? What gives him the audacity to thread where an emperor like me holds forte? How does he think he can replicate my feat here?”

What ran through the politically humbled governor's mind may have been: “where was he when I was an apprentice of NEPU politics? Who was he when I was a member of the House of Representatives in the Second Republic? What was his pedigree when I helped shaped the outcome of the stormy and botched Third Republic as the scribe of the of the defunct SDP? Who knew him when I, along with late Abubakar Rimi, single-handedly bequeathed Jigawa its first democratically-elected governor, Ali Sa'adu Birnin Kudu? Was Badaru anywhere near the corridors of power when I (Lamido) started my ascent to the zenith of power when I was in charge of Nigeran Agricultural Cooperative Bank (NACB)? Was he ever a minister, not to talk of a portfolio as unique and global as that covering the foreign pitch?

All these may have flown across the mind of the Governor. And the answers that he got, from his opaque and uni-directional delusion of grandeur were all self-flattering negations. So, his verdict was: “nobody knows” Badaru.

But Allah replied in His mysterious ways that: “I know Badaru.” The divine declaration manifested in a gale of love and political quest for change that blew across the precincts of power in the country. The search of that Holy Grail was embodied by the person of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, for whom Jigawa people massively voted for March 28, thus pummelling the Goliath status of Lamido.

Allah said he knew Badaru when Lamido's. Intimidation of Hon. Farouk Adamu Aliyu and Hon. Sabo Mohammed couldn't subdue their political sagacity and acceptance by the people of Birnin Kudu constituency. The marshalling of the police repression of political actors failed to yield the political space to the incumbent governor. He lost all the three senatorial seats to the 'unknown' APC to which Badaru belongs.

Allah also said: “I know” Badaru when the April 11 governorship election came. As results started spinning out, Lamido was forced swallowed his tetanus thronged towering ego.

All along Allah knows Badaru. But he brought him to the notice of we, mere-mortals, 53 years ago. He sowed his seed and brought it to fruition in Babura town straddling the border of Nigeria and Niger.

Allah illuminated his path by steering his educational pursuits towards the bagging of a B.Sc in Accounting from the famous Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria. A couple of decades later he joined the elite ranks of the prestigious National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS). He capped this with a national honours of the Member of the Order of the Niger (MON).

While Lamido sought the prebends of politics as pathway to political glory, Badaru chose entrepreneurship and economic empowerment of youths through job creation via Talamiz, his flagship business group for more than two decades.

Talamiz, a conglomerate with vast interest in Automobile distribution, Logistics (including Maritime and Road Transport), Haulage, Real Estate and Manufacturing, Construction, Agriculture and Agro-allied, Commodity distribution etc, has a star-spangled tentacle that reaches across the globe in such countries as: Nigeria, Niger, Egypt, Holland, Saudi Arabia and Belgium.

The group comprises of Talamiz Nigeria Limited, Talamiz Motors, Talamiz Consumer Company, Talamiz Transport, Talamiz Commodities, Talamiz Properties, Talamiz Poultry and Farms, and Talamiz Petroleum, Talamiz Oil Mill Ltd, Socar Talamiz Ltd, RMR shipping Bv (Breda Holland), AML BONDED TERMINAL and ALUAFRIC Cairo

Badaru is also a Director of Sahih Nigeria Limited.

Badaru is also a member of the National Council on Privatization, the Second Vice President of the Federation of West Africa Chamber of Commerce (FEWACCI) which is the regional body of Chambers of Commerce in the West African region and the ex President of the NIGERIAN ASSOCIATION OF CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE, INDUSTRY, MINES AND AGRICULTURE (NACCIMA).

Adorning the twin caps of the Sardauna of Ringim Emirate

and the Wali of Jahun in Jigawa State, the Governor-elect is a philanthropist of note, a team player, a community leader of high repute and a lover of sports.

And Allah told the people of Jigawa, who shunned the emperor to give him their votes, that: “he is my servant. I know him.”

And it came to pass. And there is none unto the credo of Allah's certification.

*** Bello Muhammad, a citizen of Jigawa, has been a media practitioner for about two decades.

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