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The talent of the man who becomes the Governor of Lagos State is of the essence. We don't need a passive Governor but an energetic and assertive one. Akinwunmi Ambode is not only supremely qualified but uniquely qualified to engage in the art of governance. The young man has a mind of his own. He has expressly stated that under his administration, nobody will monopolize initiative and decision on major policy issues. Again, the structure of the All Progressives Congress (APC) is more cohesive, more uniform in experience, and more single-mindedly accustomed to thinking in terms of the betterment of the society. The party is unlike the PDP, which is constantly resisting innovation and bureaucratically conservative.

I acknowledge Ambode's remarkable qualities, his coherent views, his cool, hard to ruffle temperament and his near faultless campaign organization. He has promised to create new jobs and lay a new foundation for growth. He has promised to build new roads and bridges, the electric grids and digital lines that feed our commerce and bind us together. He has also promised to transform our schools and colleges and higher institutions to meet the demands of a new age.  I have faith in him that he will perform as promised. Ambode is passionate about Lagos and that means a lot.  It will be appropriate for Ndigbo to vote for this great Accountant. The Chairman, Caretaker Committee of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Ralph Obioha, has also urged Igbos to vote for APC. “Conventional wisdom dictates that Igbo should do the bidding of their hosts who have an APC leader Senator Bola Tinubu, who must not be embarrassed. Besides, it is in Igbo core and vital interest to massively vote for APC governorship candidate, Ambode”

There is already a structure of progress in Lagos. It will be catastrophic to break this chain of remarkable accomplishments. Lagos is a lot better under the government of APC. The Igbos are safer and more prosperous under the government of Asiwaju Tinubu and Raji Fashola. Only a perverted mind will deny this. A vote for PDP will be a tragedy. Since, the party has lost at the centre, they will turn their greedy eyes on Lagos. Olujimi Agbaje will not be given the chance to concentrate on his job by some rapacious PDP members. Just recently, Ms. Ayo Obe, a human Rights Lawyer and former president of Civil Liberty Organization (CLO), cautioned that Lagos cannot feed hungry PDP's appetite. “Please, this is a time of consolidation in Lagos State. It has been denied its due for so long by the Federal Government, yet it has not crumbled. But is this time to deprive Lagos State of the benefits of being able to relate to a progressive government at the centre by choosing to vote in PDP as some kind of consolation prize for losing Aso Rock? If Lagos State has to cater to hungry PDP chieftains who will no longer have Bank FGN as their ATM, then it will not just be case of going back to square one, it will be a case of being completely off the board! No, this is the time to allow the State to realize its full potential with a friendly government at the centre.”

Ndigbo, we must not forget that PDP has caused us so much pain. We have nothing to show for voting for them over the years. We need a Lagos that works because we live and work here.  The man behind this new Lagos project, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has an eye for excellence. Discrimination on the basis of race, faith or creed is something totally unknown to him. As the first Yoruba man to appoint an Igbo man a Commissioner, Tinubu deserves our support. He looks out for the best and he has found such quality in Ambode.

The special Adviser on Media to Asiwaju, Sunday Dare, disclosed that the men Tinubu has helped in their quest for public office such as Fashola, Fayemi, Aregbesola, Oshiohmole, Ajimobi, Amosun are not non-performing 'yes men'. “They are all dynamic and outstanding performers in their own right. Each is different from the other and each state government excels in its own unique way. This means that Tinubu is not orchestrating them into some limited uniformity but stands out of the way for them to lead as they believe. No major politician in Nigeria has a track record as good as Tinubu's when it comes to supporting able people for office then leaving them to perform as they believe. Nowhere in PDP does this happen.”

For those who are accusing Tinubu of Corruption, they should think deep and profoundly.  The robust democracy we are enjoying today is attributable to the efforts of this great son of Africa. it will be appropriate to quote Ms. Ayo Obe again: “Of course, the people whose  only purpose in life is to say “Black” when Tinubu says “White” will claim that he has been draining Lagos State revenues into his pocket. While we can assume that if there was really any criminal behaviour, the PDP would have brought charges against Tinubu by now; we can also say that if Tinubu has an appetite, Lagos can cope with it. And anyway, did anyone think that rescuing the elections of Oshiomole, Mimiko, Fayemi and Aregbesola from Maurice Iwu's electoral fraud, winning Oyo and Ogun States, cobbling different parties together to form APC, building it up into a formidable opposition party and positioning it for a hugely successfully election campaign-did anyone think all that was done on fresh air?

The comment of the Oba of Lagos should not stop Ndigbo from voting for Ambode. Maybe, he is even campaigning for Jimi Agabje who he claims to be his cousin. That seems to be the only plausible explanation for such uncouth utterances.  The man should be ignored because he is not a member of APC. Asiwaju has also said that the Oba has no business making such remarks because he is not a politician. “To you Igbo, don't we pay your children's school fees like others? Or is it the palace that pays for it?

When we conducted an exam and a spelling competition, an Igbo boy, Ebuka, from Anambra, came first and he became the governor for one day. Those that won the competition three times in a row were Igbo. Ebuka was sent to Switzerland computer school and then Obafemi Awolowo University. We did not say he was an Igbo boy and he would not enjoy. He became an executive in Oando and he is now in Canada.” Ambode has promised not to discriminate against any tribe if he is voted into office. In his acceptance speech after the primaries, Ambode stated that he will be a Governor of all and that Lagos will be safe in his hands. Just few days ago, he said that he is the best choice for a Lagos that must continue to thrive. “And though tongue and tribe may differ we stand in brotherhood in Lagos from the smallest ethnic groups to the major ones. We are all stakeholders.” Finally, I urge Ndigbo to come outon Saturday and vote overwhelmingly for Akinwunmi Ambode.

Written by Ikechukwu Orji, a Journalist and a Media Consultant


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