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The Ides Of March Are Come Part 2 – Iyoha John Darlington

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Fellow Nigerians, the moment of decision has come. The time has come to say NO to the agent of darkness, deception and lies who have resolved to make Nigeria ungovernable, I mean APC chieftains and partisans who do not mean well for our dear nation. The time has in deed come to reject them at the polls. Tinubu and Buhari are in deed birds of a feather who would stop at nothing to subject Nigerians to their diabolic whims and caprices. You would be voting for them at your own peril following their plan to subject us all to permanent subjugation and neo-slavery.

They have roundly demonstrated this in the states where APC holds sway. Only last week Gov. Rochas Okorocha of Imo State was reported to have betaten a couple Mr and Mrs Okereke  to stupor and fled the scene when irate mobs  advancined to attack his convoy. We have witnessed this brutality so many times among APC chieftains. Gov Fashola and his mentor Tinubu have dispossessed many  Lagosians of their  lands especially around  the Lekki axis with no one to speak for them and whoever does speak against their high-handedness is mercilly crushed by Tinubu's secret agents.

In less that 48 hrs the decision to remain under their satanic capitivity or not would be yours to take.  President Jonathan is a man of peace and he has demonstrated this on many occassions by being insensitive to his critics. He has been abused, severely criticised , dragged in the mud yet we find him marching on in the face of every agonising distraction. What the APC knows how  to do is thretening fire and brimstone on disenting voices which does not mean well for our country. On Saturday, I sue for your co-operation to vote out anti-democracy forces which the APC reppresents. It is only the new PDP under President Jonathan that possesses  the magic wand  to regenerate Nigeria.

We have gone past the era of brute force or violence to resolving issues. APC is a party that is known for violence and which would employ every means to destabilize the country. Thay have been doing this and stepped this up soon  after the merger with the blessing of the chief protagonist of violence, their  presidential flag-bearer – General Muhammadu Buhari. It is not in dispute that a Buhari presidency will take Nigeria 50 yrs backwards because he knows  little or nothing to reposition Nigeria on the path of socio-politico and economic development.

I wonder what an ignoramus and a brainless doll knows about governance. Recently moronic statements were credited to him that  he alone could stabilize world oil price and that when elected (daydream) he would make the naira equal in value to the US dollar. Are these moronic statements not enough to disqualify him from the presidential race? Buhari has committed so much attrocities in the past for which he should be duly charged with and standing trial. He is corrupt to the core. I wonder the rationale behind identifying  with corrupt men who have been financing his presidential campaign. Buhari we were told said late General Abacha did not steal Nigeria's money but I wonder who stole the billions of dollars being returned to Nigeria by the Swiss government. Tinubu is known to have sucked Lagos State dry by connecting a conduit pipe from Alausa to this Bourdilon enclave and over N43 billion we gathered was made available by Tinubu for Buhari's presidential campaign. Where did Tinubu get all that money in a state where more than 90% of Lagosians live on less than N100 a day?

Their elitist policy in Lagos has increased crimes in the state. Last week Lagosians witnessed the return of the dreaded 'Sawabas' on the Lekki axis of the state where some cops reportedly lost their lives  and carted away with millions of naira after a bank robbery. This harrowing incident is better blamed   on Fashola who did not make alternative provision for moto-cycle taxis operators in the state. Many have been ”robbed” of their means of livelihood which speak volumes for this. The writer should not be misconstrued here. Before bringing about the ban on the use of motor-cycles in the state he should have introduced a scheme to absorb them before embarking on this suicide mission which is now telling on everyone in the state.

Fellow Nigerians, I remain unshaken in my conviction that President Jonathan has done exceedingly enough to deserve another term in office to enable him revitalize the obviously decadent paralysis. A vote for President is a vote for progress, freedom, peace,   justice and prosperity. I want Nigerians to bear in mind the remarkable giant strides  made by the Jonathan administration to regenerate Nigeria. He has become an enemy of a tiny cabal for his outright refusal to dance to their diabolic whims and caprices to the detriment of Nigerians. This is one incotrovertible fact Nigerians must know. Ay, his 'sin' is that he has refused to be used as a stooge by those who think they are larger than Nigeria.

I adjure you all to cast your vote for President Jonathan in Saturday's presidential election to enable him move Nigeria forward.

Iyoha John Darlington, aka Lington Donovan , a social activist , political activist and public commentator on national and global issues writes from Turin, Italy.

Email: [email protected]
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