Source: Titilope Adeuja/

Afro Juju exponent, Sir Shina Peters' (SSP) wife of over three decades, Sammie, has been flown abroad for treatment after being diagnosed with cancer.

She was flown to the United States of America where she is currently receiving treatment from a top notch medical institute as Sir Shina Peters will be needing heaven's touch on her healing.

Sammie has been with SSP through the turbulent era of the musician's philandering and frolicking music hey days, who in turn has waxed panegyric songs.

One of his arguably best-selling albums, ACE, SSP further sang of a future that is eternal and full of passion; in SHINAMANIA album, he sang of patience on her part that in due time she would conceive like that Biblical Hannah.

Both albums came off the Afro Juju series that combine Juju and Afrobeat sounds transcending ethnic, cultural and language barriers.

The couple was blessed with a baby boy when she came into her 40s.

In an interview in 2013 confessed of his signature style shades were devised because of his shy nature.