Toolz Planning Low Profile Wedding

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

Popular radio OAP with Beat FM, Toolz, fondly called by some people as 'Miss Curvy', is not new to most people in Nigeria.

In a recent interview, the 'radio big girl', whose real name is Tolu Oniru, revealed why she's planning to have a low-key wedding ceremony.

"I always say God's timing is the best and marriage isn't something I take lightly. I think a lot of people nowadays get married for the wrong reasons, which is probably why the divorce rate is so high now,” she said.

“Having said that, I do want to settle down soon, but I don't know if I'll make a huge announcement when I decide to get married," she hinted.

Speaking on her confidence level, Toolz, who is often seen as a s3x figure, said, "My confidence is pretty high now, but I'm only human, so it does change. My confidence level is often intertwined with how successful I am at work, and how well my personal life is going.

“If I'm working hard, seeing results and happy with my personal life, my confidence is sky high; but when things don't work as smoothly as I wish they would it dampens my confidence but then I know it's something that happens to everyone really.

“Being curvy or 'well endowed' if you please, became synonymous with my name and eventually became my 'signature' even though I wasn't looking for that. On the flip side you don't see a lot of curvier, bigger ladies in the limelight so it is unusual and difficult for some people to accept it.”

“Nevertheless, I do hope I can encourage more young girls that are curvy to love themselves and love their bodies. It's fine to be curvy, but it's also important to be healthy, which is why I am working on my fitness now," she added.