Abia 2015: The Ikpeazu project must not fail

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By Enyinnaya Appolos
How do I begin? Ok, let me start by saying that this project, the Abia

2015 governorship election on the PDP platform, with Okezie Ikpeazu on the

wheels, must not fail. Yes, it must not fail. This is something every

right thinking Ukwa/Ngwa person must take to heart. If this project fails,

God forbid, the generations unborn of Ukwa/Ngwa will never forgive those

of us who are here today for not doing the needful.

For the first time in the history of Abia State politics, our brothers and

sisters from Abia North and none Ngwa in Abia Central, have all agreed

that an Ngwa must rule Abia in 2015. The PDP rapped it up by zoning its

governorship ticket to Abia South, and Okezie Ikpeazu PhD, by the special

grace of God, with the support of Governor T.A Orji and stakeholders of

the state, emerged the candidate of the party at its primaries.

In the past, the Ukwa la Ngwa people have made frantic efforts to ensure

that one of us become governor of the state, but all of the effort failed,

largely because the efforts where made on opposition platforms. And again,

the other divide of the state never supported us then. The Otu Onu

struggle led by Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe is still fresh in our minds.

There is no gain saying that; the Okezie Ikpeazu's candidature as the PDP

governorship flag bearer, is the closer an Ukwa/Ngwa man has ever gotten

close to the governorship seat of Abia State since the beginning of human

race, this is the reason we, Ukwa/Ngwa people, must do everything humanly

possible to ensure that Okezie becomes governor of Abia state in 2015. We

are all condemned to ensuring this happens this time.

First, we must thank God Almighty for anointing Okezie Ikpeazu for this

assignment. Secondly we must thank God for using Governor T.A Orji to

ensure this dream become a reality. Then, the PDP as a political party,

Abia Stakeholders must not be left out in the appreciations.

Therefore, I call on our Ukwa/Ngwa brothers and sisters to see this

project as our life, and as a task we must accomplished as a people, with

God helping us. The governorship project of 2015 is bigger than any person

among us. It is not about Okezie Ikpeazu, neither is it about those close

to him on the project, but it is about the Ukwa/Ngwa race, our unborn

generation and entire Abia. Therefore, any of us who thinks that his

personal and parochial interest is bigger than this project, ala ukwa la

Ngwa ga ikugbu onye obu, Ndi Ichie Ukwa la Ngwa are watching.

Those of us shouting about other parties that is not PDP, must remember

that we have fought this battle from the opposition standpoint in the

past, and lost. The lesson we learnt is that we can't get it from the

opposition. That is why the PDP is the only choice now, and we have made

the right choice with Okezie Ikpeazu as the PDP flag bearer.

God anointed Okezie Ikpeazu, and he also needed the endorsement of Abians,

including the Governor to become governor. Therefore, we are not ashamed

to say that Okezie has the endorsement of the Governor Orji and other

stakeholders of the state.
Permit me therefore, to remind supporters of Alex Otti and others who are

today, castigating our dear Governor T.A Orji and Okezie Ikpeazu that they

are being clever by half. Before he left the PDP for APGA, Alex Otti, did

everything he can to get the endorsement of Governor Orji. It is on record

that Otti lobbied serious with money and everything at his disposal for

Governor Orji to endorse him to become the PDP candidate, but Governor

Orji told him that Abia is not for sale.
Otti also denied his paternity as an Arochukwu man, and claim to be come

from Isialangwa just because he wants to be governor. He didn't stop at

lobbying Ochendo and denying his paternity, he went up to Abuja and

lobbied in dollars, he was told the same gospel truth that the wind of

equity and justice is blowing. From Anambra, where former governor Peter

Obi insisted that someone from Anambra North becomes governor after him.

It is happening in Enugu, Akwa Ibom, Ebonyi State etc, the case if Abia

can't and must not be different.
If Otti can tell his supporters the truth, he will tell them that he

recovered part of the money he gave in dollars to people in Abuja, when he

decamped to APGA. So calling Governor Orji and Okezie Ikpeazu names will

not make Otti governor, it will rather fast track the emergence of Dr.

Okezie Ikpeazu as governor in 2015.
Just like every other candidate, Okezie Ikpeazu is seeking the endorsement

of all Abians. He already has the endorsement of the entire Ukwa/Ngwa

race. He has the endorsement of the PDP and that of Governor Orji. But

that is not enough, he is also seeking your endorsement! So vote him to

become the next governor of Abia state. Please endorse and support him.

Together We Can…Okezuo Abia…
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