Exclusive: Celebrity Marriages Crash Because of Exposure.......Funke Etti

Source: Ayodeji Ake/Nigeriafilms.com

Its not aomething new anymore seeing nollywood artiste migrating inyo politics qs one of the yoruba nollywood actress, Funke Etti has during a conversation with nollywoodgists.com disclosed she can also turn politician.

Funke Etti said there is nothing wrong being a politician because nobody knows what can happen in the nearest future.

She has disclosed why she has tefused not to disclose tje father of her child when she was pregnant and till know still hiding her family from the press.

According to her, she said she prefer keeping her family issuea to heraelf brcause virtually all the famale actresses in the industry end up rushing out of marriage due to them exposing their family matters.

Shr added ahe is not ready disclose her baby to anyone not even the press because the child is to young to be known and would not ant issues about her family.