Why Mothers Of Entertainers Going Into Politics Are Scared

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/Nigeriafilms.com

An old adage says: 'What an elderly person sees while sitting, the young ones can't see, even on top of a tree.'

In line with that, the mothers of some entertainers that veered into politics are really concerned about the safety and future of their children.

Julius Agwu, the 'Crack ya ribs' comedian had earlier revealed that his mother wasn't pleased when she heard he was running for governor.

For the mother of Julius 'The Genius', it was completely a sad news, enough to warrant tears.
The actor said his mother had to call him saying she heard rumours that he intended to run for governor.

"She said I've been hearing rumours that you want to become governor, is it true?" he narrated.
After confirming it was true, the comedian said she burst into tears pleading with him to "leave it for them"

"The next thing I heard was leave it for them o, you're not in anything with them, they're in everything"

Meanwhile, Julius who had earlier declared his intention to be governor of Rivers state has since withdrawn from the race after consultations with his kinsmen where they agreed to give the riverine side of the state a chance to rule this time around.

In a similar development, Nollywood actress, Offiong Kate Henshaw also claims her mother is not ecstatic about her foray into politics.

Henshaw, who yearns to represent Akpabio Bakassi federal constituency at the Federal House of Representatives, says her mother is totally against the idea of her venturing into politics, and even initially refused to pray for her.

“My mum said 'no way'. I told her to pray for me and she said she wasn't going to, so I told her I'd pray for myself. Some cousins of mine in Calabar then called her and told her to encourage me, that what I want to do is good. She told them someone else should go into it, and they asked her why someone else should. They told her I should do it because it would be good for the state. She finally agreed.”

She further said “Friends have also been supportive. They say I'm strong. They also say this is my kind of thing because I fight for people. But they advised me to be careful because politics is dirty. I told them the only way things will get better is if good people get inside. One can only change things if inside, not from the outside.”

“During my campaign, one thing I know for sure is that I'm not going to promise heaven and earth. When you promise too much, you may end up not doing anything and that becomes a problem.”

No doubt, the elderly women must have seen some dangers lurking behind the dirty games of
politics in Nigeria and wouldn't want any of their children to be swallowed by the tussle for power.