Nigerian Tribune on page 8 of its Thursday, October 23, 2014 edition featured the banner headline “Human Parts on sale ahead 2015 election ... Oritsejafor.”

The story centred on Oritsejafor's holier-than-thou swipe on fetish politicians who have begun to trade in human parts for diabolical purposes ahead 2015 general elections.

Heaping blames on politicians who engage in such dastardly act during the Thanksgiving Service for Governor Emmanual Uduaghan's 60th birthday, held at First Baptist Church, Warri, Delta State, Oritsejafor did not equally spare our forefathers who he accused of being responsible for the challenges we are faced as a nation for laying wrong foundation for the country's march to nationhood.

The moral latitude on which Pastor Oritsejafor's wild and frivolous homily could be justified beats all forms of human rationalisation.

Oritsejafor, who abused the office of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) President, which he is the current occupier and metamorphosed into a chief hanger-on within the corridors of power for selfish purposes, lacks the moral right to criticise or judge anybody from his benediction school of failure and antagonism.

Does Oritsejafor has any sense of shame at al? Here is a man of God who used his ill-gotten aircraft for trading in arms, shortly after telling the world that acquiring the jet was specifically informed by the need to enhance God's evangelical mission in the name of Jesus only to convert the jet plane into commercial use, just to satisfy his insatiable lust for primitive wealth accummulaltion.

As a neo-colonialist vendor-in-chief of mono-cultural religious values, Oritsejafor is part and parcel of the league of deceivers who have the penchant for destroying and demonising the Black Race.

Does he believe in the truth? He should tell himself the truth first or shut up his mouth. In the religious sector, which Oritsejafor is ever willing to vouch for, “do as I say and not as I do” is the guiding norm, but in the nucleus culture, the uncompromising rule of the thumb at all times and in all circumstances, is that elders must tell the truth and nothing but the truth always.

It, therefore, portrays crass ignorance, on the part of Oritsejafor as a religious cleric, to blame our forefathers who lived a saintly and highly exemplary life before the invasion of our shore by the colonialist with their satanic verses that supplanted our “don't commit” norms and rich cultural values with the oyinboman's culture of “sin and repent” and “die to see God” in the sky which he is busy marketing, all his life.

Oritsejafor is morally deprived and insincere. He knows fully well that it was the failure of the alien churches, which sapped the Blackman of his innate spiritual powers that forced the people to turn to diabolism and cultism, which is barbaric, as a means of achieving success in their life endeavours.

It is very unfortunate that the CAN president laboriously tried to pick the speck in the eye of the next brother without first removing the beam blocking his own eyes!

For instance, what has Oritsejafor done about the rampant reported cases where members of CAN, particularly the right wing prayer-warrior Pentecostals, who due to their obsession to acquire magical and occultic powers at all costs, brazenly engage in nocturnal diabolic and occultic activities in order to promote their abracadabra miracles of the more you look, the less you see?

Why has Oritsejafor's Sunday, Sunday sermon failed to transform these politicians to better citizens?

Pastor Oritsejafor should stop deceiving himself. He should go and hide his face in shame as a failed agent of the colonialists who are using him to destabilise the Black Race in order to re-colonise nucleus children and to eventually be swept away into the ocean one day.

Least he forgets, the Auditor General of the Universe, Satguru Maharaj Ji, is silently and steadily making the rounds in auditing the actions and inactions of men and at the end of the day, every man is bound to reap abundantly the fruits of his earthly labour, no matter how smart or powerful one believes he is. This, inescapably, is the absolute truth on ground now. All must get ready because judgment hour beckons. The Bible and Koran most popular books on God and Allah speak equivocally on this.

My Love and Blessings.

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