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Atiku Abubakar says he is the most investigated Nigerian. Why not? It is either because he is the most tainted Nigerian or he is the most victimised Nigerian under the sun. But, of course, he cannot be denied the cap of being the most dogged fighter in the political arena since 1999, having, as it were, fought his former boss, now friend, Olusegun Obasanjo, to a standstill and still lives to tell the story. Atiku is not only a giant killer, he is also one that knows how to kill generals politically. He did it to Obasanjo, Ibrahim Babangida; and the Minister of Defence, General Aliyu Mohammed Gusau.

One was a former Head of State and former President; another, a former military President; and the other, a security chief of immense connections. Who says Atiku has not got financial and political clout? But he may soon add another General to the feathers in his cap when he rubbishes former Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari, if he makes the mistake of running in a primary with the tested politician. And that is it! None of these men is politically wily enough to beat this politician who is playing on a turf he knows better than them. They are soldiers, trained in the art of violence, but Atiku is a kettle of fish they cannot contend with.

Only fellow politicians can neutralise Atiku in a political game. Ask Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and he will tell you how he neutralised the former Vice President in the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN). Atiku ran away from the ACN, politically bruised and bloodied. Ask Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, the sitting president who made political mincemeat of Atiku. Atiku may have political brains and brawns, he lacks the humility and the cunningness of the zoologist with a truck load of good luck from on high.

In one of his advertisements currently running in the media, the former number two man suggests that running Nigeria is not all about good luck; but I wonder if Atiku really knows that without good luck from Heaven, no leader can meander through this maze of ethnic and religious nationalities called Nigeria. No wonder despite all his political acumen, he always ends up on the wrong side. No wonder he has a string of bad luck following him everywhere. From PDP to ACN; from ACN back to PDP; and from PDP back to the APC, yet he has nothing but a load of cash more than political common sense to show for it. He had better appeal to Allah to reward his political hard work with luck.

Atiku says he has what it takes to bring people together and turn things around for better, adding that his decision to run for President was borne out of the need for good governance; but the question remains, what did he do with the four years he ran the country while his former boss was gallivanting round the world seeking to impress the international community rather than build a nation? It is no longer news that it was his activities in those four years that had made him the most investigated Nigerian. And that is when he was number two; what will happen if he has four years as the country's chief executive and commander-in-chief?

He states further: 'I want to play a leading role in the trans-generational efforts to save this country and improve the lives of our peopleā€¦.with the support of the millions of Nigerians desirous of change and the hard work by all of us; the APC shall form the next government of this great nation. I have therefore decided that I will, by the grace of God, along with other respected members of our party, seek nomination as a candidate of the APC to contest the presidential election of 2015.' 'I want to lead a government that will invest in its people because people constitute the wealth of any nation. I want to lead a government that will create a Nigeria for all.

'A Nigeria that is not about North or South, Christian or Muslim but about a better tomorrow, where every citizen will feel secure, with patriotism and having assurances of the fulfillment of his or her aspirations. I want to lead a government that will rebuild the institution of governance with zero tolerance for corruption and nepotism; where hard work and dedication are adequately rewarded. I want to assemble the best brains in the land and provide the political will and commitment, so that jointly, and with the cooperation of all of you, build a Nigeria of our dreams.

'Nigeria must rise to take its place in the world. It is a call to serve that I have come to answer. With the support and prayers of Nigerians we will build a great new Nigeria for Nigerians. 'I have listened to the concerns of Nigerians, yet I still see hope in the face of the challenges. Our people have refused to succumb to despair. This never-say-die attitude of Nigerians is the reason I can never give up on Nigeria. 'The youth, the future of Nigeria is represented here today. You the youth are endowed with enormous potential. In you are the hopes of this nation. The 2015 election is about you.'

Listening to the Adamawa-born, self-made billionaire, there is no doubt that he needs more than rhetoric and appeal to the sentiments of the youth to win. Put simply, he needs good luck. Other than his fellow political traveler, Buhari, Atiku stands out as the only one who has contested the nation's highest political office the most since 1999. But if he is not careful as before, he will have his nose rubbed in the mud again because he has no good luck. Good luck, for now, resides elsewhere in Asokoro District of Abuja.

Written by Chika Onuora.
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