Why I'm Still Single- KC Ejelonu

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/Nigeriafilms.com

Kelechi Ejelonu is a fast rising Nigerian actress who out of passion for entertainment had to quit her job at Barclays Bank in the UK and returned to Nigeria. She's not just beautiful on the outside, she's also beautiful on the inside.

While revealing why she is still single, Kelechi says the most important thing about a potential partner is not his tribe but his ability to make her laugh and talk.

"My dad and my brother are the guys in my life at the moment. I am single because there is time for everything and when the time comes, he would come. I do not have an ideal guy because my family is made up of people from different tribes. We are inter-racial and open in my family. But I would like someone who can make me laugh; someone I can talk to and who can talk to me in return. Friendship matters first.'

Speaking on her personality, she revealed, "I am shy and reserved. I am different with my family and closest friends. I could be funny at times and when one catches me off guard, I could be frowning or just have no emotions."

The down to earth, ever smiling actress also hinted her beauty routines that helps her maintain her looks and panache.

"I do not have special beauty routines. I use normal moisturisers. The weather here has been made me darker, so I try not to be out a lot. When I have to be out, I use an umbrella but people laugh at me. I sweat a lot when I use sunscreen. I scrub my whole body on Saturdays; I was addicted to the gym at some point."

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