Africa!! Why Exactly, Is It Behind? Do You Know?

London, United Kingdom, September 18th 2014 — if you are an African, work with, or have been to Africa before, have you ever wondered why Africa remains largely undeveloped, though the rest of the world seems to be moving on?

In his new book – “IS THIS WHY AFRICA IS?”UK-based African author, Marricke Kofi Gane, asks one very simple but daring question: “Why is Africa the way Africa is?”

Why the phenomenal natural resources, yet underdevelopment and economic over-dependency on external support? Why the many conflicts even though we largely do not manufacture arms? Why the vast fertile lands, yet deaths from famine and malnutrition? Why the greed and the devilishly stubborn pain of corruption even though there's enough to cater for us all? WHY? Is it a curse? Is it our miseducation?

Maybe it is our independence or even the meddling of the world's superpowers. Or, could it very well be our religious infusion, genetic or cultural orientation? Whatever it is, the question will always remain – “Why is Africa the Way Africa Is?” That question, is every African's highest obligation to ask – and answer.

Are there answers? – Maybe there are even more questions than there are answers; maybe there actually is a solution; maybe that's reason enough to read this book. Unlike other books you may have read, this book is bound to leave you very restless and challenged about Africa.

Marricke Kofi Gane, is a gifted African Author, Philosopher, Public Speaker, Coach and Educationist. His writings carry real depth, are highly motivating yet thoroughly challenging in every respect. He is never shy in some of his works, to question sensitive issues such as religion, cultures and the like.

The Paperback and Kindle versions of his book are now available worldwide on Amazon(CLICK HERE) and can be ordered immediately.

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