Southern Borno People Wants Mr. Nicholas Mshelizza to Contest Senate Seat.

By Ibrahim-Gwamna Mshelizza

The people of Southern Borno Senatorial District have called on Mr. Nicholas Mshelizza come and contest the zone's Senatorial seat in the 2015 general elections.

Addressing some members of the press on Wednesday , Alhaji Nuhu Isuwa the spokesman of the group said, " we the people of Southern Borno have unanimously decided to call on Mr. Nicholas Mshelizza to cotest the zone's senate seat because he will give us effective representation and protect our interest".

Mr. Nicholas has touched our lives in so many ways and if elected he will surely bring projects that will give a new lease of life to our prople.

"He has endeared himself to us by assisting us each time there is the need to do so and we are convinced that if he agrees to answer to our call he shall win with landslide victory as all of us eill work for his success".

"As you can see for yourselves all the nine local governments are represented here to show the degree of acceptance he has among our people. With him project like the Biu Dam which has been abandoned for ages will be completed brcsuse Mr. Nicholas knows the the needs of his peole."

"If Mr. Nicholas Mshelizza adhere to our call by accepting to cotest the Senate seat, we shall vote for whatever party he chooses" he ssid.

Alhaji Nuhu Isuwa also said that their call on Mr.Nicholas is to demonstrate that the Senate seat is not a preserve of any particular Local Government but any qualified son or daughter of Southern Borno can vie for the seat.