BBOG: That Ezekwesili attack on journalists


By Abba Adakole
The garrulity of Oby Ezekwesili appears to know no bounds. Now that she has dumped every ethical standard to pursue the matter of the over 200 Chibok girls still in the detention centre of the mad group called Boko Haram, she is desperately trying to recruit new followers. And for refusing to join her less than decent and self-seeking campaign, she has picked on members of the Nigerian Guild of Editors, her best supporter thus far.

She wants members of the guild to go beyond their present involvement of causing their reporters to give vent to the position of the BBOG; come on board her irrational train; and put government under more fire.

The emotions of Oby can be understood as a woman and mother, but she is gradually stepping out of line and seeking to burn whatever remnant of goodwill she has.    Many know that the BBOG is a creation of the opposition, which has taken a good venture and given it a bad name and an opprobrious status.    Where was she when the PR firm of the APC in UK claimed that the group was part of the machinations of the opposition?    Didn't she know that was enough for the “lucrative” project to be kept at bay by even those who bought into it initially?

And the editors, being professional as they ought to be, even allowed her denigrating comments about them to see the light of the day as published in the Leadership newspaper: “We tried to hold meetings with editorial boards of media houses and it was difficult. I thought it was all about timing to align, that it would sort itself out. When the meeting wasn't coming through, I decided to call the president of the Nigerian Guild of Editors to collaborate with us on Day 130. He said it was a good idea. But when he got back to his people, they agreed that they wouldn't collaborate with us because we were opposition tool.    It is unfortunate that we would get this response from the fourth estate of the realm.

“If the media are scared to confront the government when it is wrong, what is there fo

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