Magic Earns Former Actress, Nike Peller 5-year Contract

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

After she quit acting for the magical world, ex-Nollywood actress, Nike Peller and her brother, Zeeto, signed a 5-year world magical performing contract with Bioku's Nubian Productions.

The actress who was given a chieftancy title in Osun state by an Indigenous Oba sometime in the year 2010, joined her brother Zito Peller for Magical performances on stage at a movie premiere which left the audience breathless with their stage performance.

Nike who is the YEYE AGBASAGA of ERIN OSUN in Osun State, has been performing with her brother for over a year now, as she has learnt the captivating and spell binding act of supernatural powers so fast.

The delectable and beautiful Yoruba star, Nike Peller, is the daughter of late magician, Professor Peller.