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Still On The Al-Makura's 3 Wasted Years And Hypocrisy Of APC

By Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah
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"Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen"-Fried Rich Nietzsche

Sequel to the recent rejoinder on Nigerian Pilot Sunday of 8th June, 2014 (Full page advert) with the caption "Re:Al-Makura's 3 wasted years" by Nasarawa State Chapter of All Progressive Congress (APC), Publicity Secretary. As a loyal son and patriotic citizen of Nasarawa State who desire progress for the State, I advise Nasarawa State Chapter of APC to take solace in the words of Winston Churchill that says "The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is."

I consider the statement credited to Nasarawa State as reckless and shameless. It is unbecoming of a party claiming to solve the present problem of Nigerian State to abandon issues and start attacking personality.

Ordinarily it is not in my character as a young man to engage an unserious political party like APC but this has becomes necessary in order to set the record straight.

I therefore, consider it pertinent to make this response in order to put things in their proper perspective.

"Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah, you have from the tone of your write up exposed yourself as a person who is not properly cultured to respect constituted authority and elders in the society", Nasarawa State Chapter of APC, Publicity Secretary said.

As to the above quoted statement, it is laughable for an APC as a political party in Nasarawa State that failed since its arrival to engage the youths that are intellectually on ground but insteads they are busy hiring thugs in the state that doesn't have respects for the "Constituted authority and elders in the society" to be destroying posters and billboards of their opponent, I now understand the frustrations of APC , they are crying because people like us are not ready to support the anti masses government of Umaru Tanko Al-Makura.

However, for the sake of the already misinformed general public, I want to assert that, throughout the course of my moral training from childhood by my parents, struggles, activism and stay on this earth, notwithstanding short, and my interaction with intellectual minded people and elders in the society, I have learnt some very important lesson about life: RESPECT FOR THE CONSTITUTED AUTHORITY, ELDERS, AND THOSE THAT ARE BEHIND ME, this is one of the foundamental moral training I received from my parents in accordance with the Islamic teachings.

Before, I proceed, let me quote my respected and visionary deputy Governor, Hon. Damishi Barau Luka "I'm aware government sponsors all these write-ups, which is why I say they are doing it out of pain and I don't want to join issues with them. However, one fact that I must state here is, to add to my assertion on the day of leaving APC. I said I was tired of dealing with liars and in falsehood; and what they did in those write-ups was to exhibit those vices that I said I hated, which made me leave them. You can see, even when I left they were still exhibiting those characters which I think has vindicated me".

I don't know the reason why Almkura led government in Nasarawa State has taken it as business as usual for sponsoring write ups against people's personality insteads of addressing the issues not tissues but they are lying all over the state with empty promises.

According APC again "The issue of unemployment is global problem which every responsible government is striving hard to solve. The APC Publicity Secretary went further, said "It should be noted that government all over the world provide only 10 per cent of such employment while the private sector takes care of 90 per cent".

The above quoted statement further vindicated me that "Truly, you can not give what you don't have" Al-Makura as a business man lacks the administrative capacity to lead Nasarawa State beyond 2015, as such, we still stand on our demands that he should as a matter of urgency and State important be voted out of office come 2015 general election.

If truly, Nasarawa State has no capacity to employ the youths as claimed by Nasarawa State APC, then what prompted the Al-Makura's initial decision made him to sacked over 12,000 youths from works since assumption of office in 2011, it is unfortunate that our state is presently cursed with APC at the helm of affairs, if not why would a political party stoop so low in defending the anti people government of Umaru Tanko Al-Malura. What a deceitful party?

To salvage our dear state, we will continue to fight the government with ideas, sound, logical and well thought out ideas. While bullets can be seized, AK 47s rounded up and armoured vehicles confiscated, ideas can never be conscripted. It can never be rounded up, confiscated or be imprisoned.

No selfish leader no matter how rich, high placed and influential can even frustrate it. No chain can hold down an idea. No walls can limit its movement.

"It is on record that civil servants whose promotions where stagnated since 2009 have had their promotions implemented up till 2012 except those of 2013" APC said.

It is worrisome that APC is being economical with the truth, since assumption of office in 2011, Al-Makura has not implemented any promotions of civil servants, he falsefully asked the civil servants to submits their document in 2012 for promotions but up till date no promotions has taken place in Nasarawa State, I said it before now that government is all about fulfilment of promises but the reverse is the case in Nasarawa State, should we trust Al-Makura with political power again. NO?

This is man that was widely accepted by the good people in Nasarawa State as if he has something good in stock for the people, everywhere we go now in Nasarawa State, the masses are crying and praying that Al-Makura must be voted out of Government house come 2015. What a Government?

"It is a known fact that the administration of Tanko Al-Makura inherited the rot in the Scholarship board from his predecessor, Alhaji Aliyu Akwe Doma" APC added.

In as much as I am not holding brief for the immediate past Governor of Nasarawa State, I was admitted into Ahmadu Bello University Zaria in 2005 and the scholarship board sold forms to us as science students during Abdullahi Adamu led administration but we were subsequently paid three times while Aliyu Akwe Doma was in Government, with the above statement that really shows that Government is a continue process, one would have expected Al-Makura's to continue from where his predecessor stoped but the reverse is the case but instead he went further to exploits Nigerian Students in Nasarawa State to purchase another scratch card as if government is not a continue process.

What do you expect from Nasarawa State APC that even if Al-Makura should purchased pressing iron from the market they will still counts it as an achievement.

It is sad commentary that Nasarawa State APC has not addressed the issues raised in my last article, as such, I still want to give the government the benefits of doubt to tell us the reason behind the sacking over 12,000 workers in 13 Local Government, no payment of civil servant arrears since 2011, non payment of CONTISS allowances of tertiary institution in the State, poor implementation of free Education in the Primary to Secondary without meeting up with the demands attached to the basis of the policy, failed viable agricultural policies to boast food security in the State, no regular power supply, insecurity of high magnitude, high rate of insurgents in the bush between Fulani and others tribes, marginalization of other tribes in the appointment of public offices, oppression of Nasarawa State youths as one of us is currently being unlawfull detained in the Prison, no tangible youths empowerment scheme, abject poverty is now the order of the day in Nasarawa State.

It is glaring that the APC and its Government have no future plans for Nasarawa State people hence they don't have any agenda. There was no substance in all the manifestoes made by the Al-Makura if not why would a seating Governor parted ways with his Chief of Staffs, Umar Usman Shehu (PhD), Deputy Governor, Hon. Damishi Barau Luka and many others in the state. What a tragedy?.

Meanwhile, we have seen the unseriousness of the APC led Governement in Nasarawa State, and we have made up our mind not to repeat the past mistakes, the only way to solve the problem of Nasarawa State is to vote Al-Makura out of Office come 2015.

A governor who has derailed from his manifestoes and blueprint in 3years is certainly incapable of leading the Nasarawa State beyond 2015 and should not be trusted again.

"The party therefore enjoins the likes of Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah to hasten and join the party and contribute to the growth and development of the State", Nasarawa State APC said.

Let me authoritatively say without fear of contradiction, Al-Makura is one of the reason why I hate the activities of APC in Nasarawa State because of his unilateral decision in the activities of the State ,polarisation of the National body of the Nasarawa State Students Association (NASSA), sacking of over 12,000 workers and many other sins, as such, APC should counts me out of those people that they we want to woo into their folds. As far as I am concerned Nasarawa State APC has no clear and defined ideology.

They may throw as many intellectual tantrums as they want, they may call the rest of us, all negative names under the sun, they may blackmail, intimidate and cajole all they want, they may use all their leverage in the media to try to silence us, but one thing is sure, they would not be able to change the appointed destiny of Nasarawa State, which is to stop Al-Makura to leads beyond 2015.

Additionally, if trully, Al-Makura is someone that stick to fulfilment of promise(s) as claimed by Nasarawa State chapter of APC, then they should as matter of urgency tell us when did Al-Makura fulfilled the promised made to the widows of the security men that were killed by the men of Ombatse militia in Nasarawa State and the one made to the family of the two harmless Nigerian Students of Nasarawa State University Keffi that were murdered by the happy-trigger men.

Conclusively therefore, let me put it to the notice of Al-Makura's that we are aware of all his unholy dealings with the state treasury, We are aware of how he is trying to divide the Alago and Eggon Nations in order to stays in Nasarawa State Government house beyond 2015. We are aware of how he collects money from contratctors before approving their contracts, "Surely a Businessman is always a Businessman" We promise to expose him as the 2015 approaches!

Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah, Is The National President, Nasarawa State Youths Network (NASTYNET), Writes From Lafia, Nasarawa State, @ik_dallah on twitter

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah and do not necessarily reflect those of The Nigerian Voice. The Nigerian Voice will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article."