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By Onoja Damian
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Change" which is mostly ignored by most of the people is as essential as "life". To me a synonymous to "change" is "life", because every life passes through some changes. A life without change or undergoing some certain changes is as good as nothing and more or less a lifeless object. For all aspects of human endeavor and that of animal to make a step (progress), it's inevitable that various changes must be observed.

There are different kinds of change, but I choose to dwell on the type that affect and which has routine our country call 'PHYSICAL CHANGE'. Our leaders (Government) of the different tires have wickedly and deliberately abandon this kind, leaving the country undeveloped and thereby making the environment unbearable for the masses and the people they are serving, forgetting the fact that they are really servants. They are really opposers to the word 'CHANGE', if they are not, they would have thought otherwise. Therefore, one who opposes and refuses as well as resisting "changes" resisting progress and development. Some unconsciously do that, while others deliberately.

Those of unconscious accept correction when corrected, why those of deliberate remain adamant and undeveloped. They (our leaders) really know what they are doing, so they are actually deliberators.

Considering the important of change, examine the following;

(i)Plantation of maize as well as other crops
(ii )A new born child
Consider the effort of a good farmer to his planted maize; he has to nurture it (maize) to undergo different stages in order to reach utility, and consider too the processes from germination even before germination to its maturity.

Consider the effort of parents to their child and the processes it passing through to attain maturity. Such effort of parents and farmers and the processes are mandatory if good results are to be achieved. Consider the words of MASTER JESUS; unless a grain fell and dies (CHANGE) it will remain a single grain, but if it dies, it yearn more harvest; die here means CHANGE. Let me ask a rhetorical question; who are you among the leaders of this country Nigeria will bore a child and in three years could not crawl not definitely be unhappy? Are you upset by the mode of the masses?

Who is that good farmer who planted a fruitful plant which is to bear fruit three years and by four years bore nothing and not definitely cut down the tree? You worth rejection and cutting down, for you have dwelled so much at comfort zone. Can you answer these questions?

(i) Is this nation not matured enough?
(ii) How many years of independent did Nigerians celebrated?

(iii) Are we really practicing democracy or a democratic nation?

(iv) Is the government, the government of the people or government of the government?

(v) Are you for the people or for yourselves?

If you can answer the above questions justly you should know that you have long ago missed your road and purpose. You should know that you are like a couple who are not together and such can never or hardly prosper.

Is because of the disharmony of our leaders we have crises here and there, they never loved themselves how can they love the masses. If the masses had the power, you would have been cut down and throw away. God who fights the battle of his children will fight for the masses of this country.

We believe God's report and assurance that one day we shall eat the fruit of our dear land NIGERIA.

Damian Onoja (Lagos)

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