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The Confessions of a Boko Haram Killer

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By Chidozie Egbuna
My fellow Nigerians, my name is Musa Aboki (not my real name), I have decided to communicate to you through a foreign based journalist my involvement with the agenda for the annihilation of Nigeria and all the corrupt politicians who insist on kleptocracy and the destruction of Nigeria's treasures rather than building a nation which we can all exist in with pride and dignity. We have taken up arms against this evil and want power back to my northern brothers. Nigeria would not have peace until they hand over power to our northern brotherhood.

Under compulsion, I joined the forces of Boko Haram having no hope, education, or means to support by wife and seven kids. The Boko Haram recruited me in 2010 with a promise of a monthly stipend of 10,000 Naira a month. In my village the unemployment rate is at about 79%. All my friends are unemployed. We have no access road to my village. We do not have electricity, access to clean water, and healthcare for the least of ailments. We have no schools, transportation, or any other conveniences of modern life. In a country with vast oil resources, we live in squalor and object chronic deprivation. When Boko Haram came knocking, I joined because prior to that my future looked irremediable. I now have a purpose in life to fight for. I ask you the reader for no sympathy but only request that you to unravel the truth. The Nigerian leaders are our ultimate goal. We would kill them all unless they stop stealing and invest that money in the country.

Please hold your judgments and read this letter with an open mind for I will pour out my soul's intentions and enlighten you on why we have decided to decimate the country that would not give us a chance to survive or live a peaceful and fruitful life. Did I just use the word peaceful?

Nigerians perceive us as agents of destruction but I believe that you are mistaken in this quick judgment. We are the product and tools of the political oligarchy in northern Nigeria. We are heavily financed, armed, and emboldened by powerful northerners who have noticed that we are suicidal and have nothing further to gain from living in this wrecked world, so we have decided to burn, kill, and mutilate Nigerians until power is returned to our northern sponsors. While the politicians are busy stealing, we are toiling our carnage to get our northern brothers back in power.

We hide under religious bigotry but we reject most of the tenets of Islam.

We abduct and kill innocent civilians in northern parts of Nigeria. We will continue killing Nigerians until you empower our elite from the north. We want a Hausa man back as president. Our northern sponsors have assured us that they will turn Nigeria into a Muslim state with Sharia laws ruling the land. What about the Muslims that we are also killing in these operations of evil destruction? They are business taxes, which we must pay in other to achieve our ultimate goal of installing a Hausa man in Abuja as president of Nigeria.

We as Boko Haram members are demented and confused because before every operations or killing mission, we are given heroin drugs,  in other to get our minds in the best killing mode possible. We are given money every month for allowance something the Nigerian government has not done for their troops. I know that you are wondering how we are willing to die for just 10,000 Naira monthly salaries. Remember that we also get the super job of burning down churches and market places. Those jobs attract a huge stipend of one million Naira. When we bomb a Christian church, we are paid one million Naira. If we die in the act, our survivors get that money immediately. Compare this with our counterparts the retired Nigerian soldiers who have not received their pensions for the past two years.

Corruption would not permit pension payments for Nigerian troops either.

This is why we are winning this war. Corruption is our best alley to defeat Nigeria.

We decided to adopt the slogan Boko Haram in protest of the fact that most of us are illiterate. We hate education because Nigeria denied us that opportunity so we would make sure that no one gets that including the girls in our custody. We feel threatened by the enlightened people of the south who rule over us at the present moment. This is unacceptable because at least when our Muslim brothers were in charge, we had free meals to eat. We do not want our girls to get an education and then lord it over us. We are insecure men who believe in the subjugation of women. Anything else is unacceptable. We particularly detest the fact that some women have been appointed as ministers in Nigeria. We must kidnap and psychologically destroy these girls at Chibok least some of them become doctors, ministers, lawyers and even soldiers. Allah forbid!

We are killing Nigerians because we saw what happened in Ghana under Jerry Rawlings. We heard how he killed all those who robbed that country and restored sanity to Ghana. Revolution always heals the country. We started this by killing common people but eventually we are going to start assassinating the politicians who steal money from Nigerian to hide in foreign bank accounts. They think that they are safe now but just wait you will see that when we start killing them and kidnapping their wives, they will be running for cover. Right now, we just simply enjoy killing the innocent to make our point and install fear and dread in the nation. I believe that we are succeeding in our mission. Nigeria cannot win because all her institutions are burdened with corruption and ineptitude.

After each terrorist mission, we return to our hideouts and laugh at Nigerian authorities who do not pay their military or even provide them with adequate equipment to fight us. We heard of the mutiny committed by frustrated military men who fired their weapons at their commanding officer and we joke because we know that we are winning this war already.

The Nigerian generals are also corrupt and stealing money from their soldiers who are only eating once a day while we have all the food we need. In fact, the soldiers who are joining us in our war tell us that they envy us.

We kill the police like flies because they are the most corrupt and we know that their morale is very low. We like most Nigerians, loathe the police because they have been the agents of abuse for most Nigerians. So when we kill a policeman, we particularly know that most Nigerians are cheering for us. When we attack them, they are very vulnerable because we know that they do not even have bullets or radios to communicate or organize themselves. We overwhelm them with our superior fire power and they are now afraid of us. Can you now see that the whole country is afraid of us? We have infiltrated all branches of the Nigerian society and they provide us with advance information of various vulnerable targets to bomb. They tell us that they are in support of what we are doing because their “big men” are stealing the money that they are supposed to pay them as salaries.

The Hausa politicians are cheering also whenever the bombs go off. They love what we are doing because they see it as a great way to portray President Jonathan as weak and ineffective. They are hoping to return to power very soon. These men tell us that they resent the fact that a southerner is running this country. Imagine that, a Christian is in charge. They tell us that they have not forgotten the fact that the Hausa Fulani are the ones who are supposed to rule Nigeria. The northern politicians lament the deception that Obasanjo lead them into and how Jonathan violated the zone principle of sharing the presidency between north and south by running in 2011. They tell us that they feel cheated and that we must intensify our carnage so that power can return to the north.

Back to my story, we are political tools not necessarily a religious one.

We fool most Nigerians because they keep focusing on this being a religious war. That is what we say in other to disguise our real intention, which is political power for the north. Also calling it a religious war would inflame passions and bring us more financial support.

We are succeeding in this deception. We are not real Muslims we just use that to sell our mission. Will a real Muslim kidnap girls and have sex with them? Nigerians wise up, are you so gullible to believe our propaganda machine? We are actually criminally minded killers who love to spill the blood of the innocent in our ultimate quest for power and glory.

Why are Nigerians so uninformed? We are men in hiding and this forest is extreme harsh environment. At night we divide up the girls for conjugal visits. The officers in our ranks get to choose the prettiest girls first.

With more than two hundred girls we take our turns raping and abusing these girls. We know that Nigeria cannot stop us because the politicians are busy stealing money that is meant for security, defense, education, healthcare, economy. The northern elite bribe us with their stolen money.

Some of them even give us weapons and ammunitions to fight the Nigeria army. These individuals also provide us with intelligence as to when to strike and when not to. How ironic?

Last month the politicians from the north started cutting down on their financial support because America is coming with their spy planes and other investigative tools. I heard they have drones already and are about to expose our location. The northern elite is afraid that the Americans, French, and British would uncover their financing of Boko Haram. We have told them to continue sending us financial support or we also are going to target them for political assassination. Anyway, we have other sources of financial support. We have so many Hausa sympathizers who are sending us money. Even among the security men, we have sympathizers. We get money from Saudi Arabia also who want to promote extreme Wahhabi brand of Islam.

We fool them into sending us money but actually our real motive is to control Nigeria with northern leadership. We are fighting a political war disguised as a religious one. I hope that I am not confusing you. We want political power so we are going to continue to make Nigeria ungovernable until we get our wish. A word is enough for the wise.

To end this letter, I wish to inform the reader that this is a work of fiction but is a perceptive of what the author believes may be going on in the demented minds of the average Boko Haram member.  Nigeria know your enemy, rise up and show greatness, let us destroy the Boko Haram and restore pride to our nation again.  Pay, equip our law enforcement to meet the challenges of fighting and eliminating this menace, Boko Haram. Give the army the best equipment that money can buy. Hold the generals who embezzle money accountable. Your very survival depends on this. Stop corruption and heal the nation of bribery and sleaze. The war can be won when we address some of these issues or at the very least give it serious consideration. Stop creating Boko Haram with your kleptocracy. A man who is hunting for rats while his home is on fire is great folly.