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By Josiah Nnamani
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The recent return of the former governor of Enugu state Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani to the people's democratic party have posed question in many quarters, some see that as a great boost to the party's chances of winning the 2015 general election understanding the mystical nature of Chimaroke in Enugu state politics, But some opposed his return because for them Nnamani's return will obstruct their chances of imposing Dictatorship, Anarchy and achieving their selfish political ambition in the state. But one can hardly understand the motive of the former governor's return to the People's Democratic Party, a party he was a founding member, does it mean the former governor want to take back his position in Enugu state and on the party affairs refusing to be retired from party politics by those once his political protégé.

Let us start by understanding the man Chimaroke Nnamani; Born on 30th may 1960 into the Aristocratic family of Nnamani's of Agbani Nkanu west local government area of Enugu state, Grandson of one of the most influential British District Officer and secretary to a former federal minister Igwe J.U Nwodo; a cousin to the former Nigeria attorney general and Minister for Justice; Justice Augustine Nnamani JSC, Chimaroke's grandfather D.O Nnamani had a towering influence, crowned by unrestricted generosity that makes his life time exhibitions so tantalizing to the entire people of NKANU. A critical x-ray into his political ideology will no doubt bring into fore his impeccability and none compromising political strength reflecting on his popular aphorism 'that the bullets taken and the war you waged for the good of your people is the greatest WARFARE any man can embark on'. In the same vein his grandson, Sen. Dr. Chimaroke Ogbonnia Nnamani MD, FACOG, the new heir and the architect of the RESTORATION of the Ebeano Dynasty inherited and has for long played the transformative light of social and political emancipation within and outside his polity. Indeed the circumstances surrounding the birth and naming of this enviable leader as narrated by a matriarch Grace Josiah Chukwu Onovo, Discredited any rebuttal claim (s) against it being the birth of a new Nation. Any defined pyramid of excellence is an offshoot of myriads of calculated steps, thus; the burning passion for education In chimaroke's parents acted as a catalyst for his enrollment into the Methodist Primary School Agbani Road and the prestigious College of the Immaculate Conception, CIC Enugu which granted his quick asses into the University of Nigeria where he studied and graduate as a Gynecologist. On graduation he moved to USA, where he practiced as a medical doctor and received honors from A certified Teaching hospitals and fellowship of many medical organizations too numerous to mention.

The inherent concern for his people made Chimaroke to return in 96, 97, 98 to join party politics, a call to service which his grandfather and his uncle had left, became an Era of political consciousness in Enugu state and Chimaroke's Nkanu nation; just like the KENNEDY'S; NNAMANI'S became the most Fabled political family in the state and all over Nigeria, widely accepted as John F. Kennedy he became the first Governor in Nigeria to create the Office of the Chief Of Staff, appointing Ike Ekweremadu now a Senator, Nigeria's Deputy Senate President and Chairman of Ecowas parliament as the first state Chief of staff to the governor in Nigeria; His administration became an Era of the New Frontier and of the Camelot cherished by all making those in political slumber to wake up, all wanting to answer clarion call to service of our fatherland. Indeed we all became politically savvy before Chimaroke could finish his two terms as Governor and a Senator of federal republic of Nigeria. Painful as it is Chimaroke the man loved by all lost his place in Enugu state politics after installing an unknown Childhood friend Sullivan Chime as governor, who became obsessed with power. Chimaroke ran for Re-election to the senate in 2011; but was rigged out by a less popular candidate just like Odumegwu ojukwu Vs. Onwudiwe in 1983; chimaroke displayed an uncommon character when he admonished his supporters to keep calm and his decision not the challenge the outcome of the senatorial election in tribunal, Chimaroke in his words said that he would allow history and posterity to judge asserting that an unending legal battle is not what the people of Nkanu of the Enugu East Senatorial zone needed now, Even though judgment may come to his favor but people of Enugu East Deserve a political stability. Since this statement Chimaroke went off the political scene refusing to be drawn to political issues, though had in contact with his Nkanu people of Enugu state with his Ebeano Grass Root youth and Women empowerment a platform he has used to give scholarship's, job opportunities to Nkanu graduates also paying school fees to many Nkanu undergraduate Indigenes studying all over Nigeria universities and the world, always encouraging market women to enroll in the Adult Education program which he sponsors, but he was mindful of the fact that any public statement would cause tension in the state and in the senatorial zone which he loved; after three years of silence Chimaroke was given a heroic welcome by the people he loved the Nkanu Nation on 30th December, 2013. The popular four-corner junction of the Enugu/ Port Harcourt expressway leading to Chimaroke's Agbani country home became a mecca as young and old of Nkanu throng along the Ozalla road waiting to welcome their worthy son who according to them brought hope, fame and joy for Nkanu people; some having placards singing songs and chanting EBEANO NNOO, DEEJEE, TUSHIAA. Chimaroke who is loved by many and misunderstood by few displayed his ever known political prowess once again when he trekked some kilometers to his Agbani village hugging women, children and a warm shake to men to the surprise of those who speculated that Chimaroke is ill. To many on that day Chimaroke Nnamani is an Enigma, undefeated, unfettered and courageous in fighting a course he believed is right for the masses. No doubt the few who are afraid of Chimaroke in the circle of the state government was boiled by such knowing how altered their selfish interest have been with such a rousing welcome given to Chimaroke; first we heard a factional Peoples Democratic party chairman, in Enugu state; Vita Abba whose chairmanship legality is still subject to litigation in court; whose delegate votes was expunged at the 2011 P.D.P presidential primaries; insisting that he would oppose any clandestine move by Chimaroke to return to the party.

On Thursday February, 27th 2014; Chimaroke the Enigma displayed another mythical charisma as he formally returned to the People Democratic party at his Agbani ward, a party he was a founding father and installed the present Governor Sullivan Chime and all the national and state assembly members; To many it was amazing understanding the resources and tactics the state government had employed for the past seven years to rubbish his legacies and stop every move by Nnamani to take back his deserved place in Enugu state.

Chimaroke did not mince words when he declared to his people of his readiness to serve them again in the senate saying that Nkanu have men and women of honor, Nkanu is blessed, proudly paying tribute to his ancestors, Nkanu fathers, mothers and children whom he insisted are the right occupant of Nkanu. Chimaroke declared that before he came back from America Nkanu people was acting like a political Chaperon's, political hustlers but he came and become the governor when no one dreamt of Excellency, seven years later Nkanu people have returned to political Hustlers, May be Poverty Stricken but in 2014 the Nkanu people can count on him and stand to be counted he said.

Chimaroke Nnamani the leader, an embodiment of political eminence, the peoples Senator, a Maverick politician; so humble that he can bridge the gap between the haves and the have not; no doubt Chimaroke's return would boost the people's democratic party chances in Enugu state and will generate more vote for president Good luck Jonathan in the face of defections in the party. The PDP national Chairman AL haji Adamu Mu'azu, should wade in and intervene on the looming Crises that may engulf; Enugu P.D.P knowing that PDP is a party founded on the principle of equity justice and fair play, Chimaroke is a two term governor of Enugu state 1999-2007, a senator an Enigma that any attempt by Enugu state government to stop Chimaroke from returning and expressing his constitutional right of contesting on the platform of the party will be undemocratic and unacceptable as Chimaroke is the most popular and accepted candidate in Enugu East; A revered statesman whose influence is undisputed and can move the fetus.

To whom honor is due let no man, No matter how highly placed deny such to any, for one good term deserves another; Chimaroke have served us well, with our interest at heart, Despite whose interest is trampled upon; Nkanu let us Rise at this Hour of Maximum Danger for only a few in the world have been granted freedom in a time like this, our freedom must never be denied; Let us not be deceived by material things. Remembering that since Esau sold his birth right for a plate of meal his Generation forever have become Slaves; Nkanu we were never slaves; and can't be slaves, especially in our own land for the decision we take today will be a reference point for our future generation. Chimaroke is our son and our own we can't allow a stranger in our Land who never served our interest to Rule over us. We are a great people of Enugu state we shall continue to make our ancestors proud; as they look down from heaven with sense of humor, excitement and Pride knowing that we the people of Nkanu can protect Enugu East Senatorial Zone of our pride of which they bequeath to us for our sons and daughters.

We urge Senator Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani never to be deterred as we the Nkanu people of Enugu state will always stand by him wherever he stands; our need is your justice speaks for us.

Josiah Nnamani
Writes from Enugu.
Twitter handle @meezynnamani
Email; [email protected]

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