Omehia's Penny Wise Pound Foolish Case

By Onukwube Uwanu
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Sir, it is quite praiseworthy given the outcome of the suite brought against Governor Amaechi by his cousin Omehia, praying the apex court to overrule its judgment it passed two years ago. Interestingly, the second of November 2009, saw the struck out of Sir Celestine Omehia application brought before the Supreme Court of Nigeria to reverse its earlier judgment. This development has further strengthened the people's faith in judiciary, and thus a good omen for democracy in Nigeria.

One wanders why Sir Omehia would after two years come out challenging the apex court judgment. Does it mean that he has been sleeping for the past two years that he suddenly wakes up to pray for the reversion of Supreme Court ruling? Or is he compelled by forces beyond his control? Only God knows.

It is important to note that when one is pursuing a case in the law court, huge sum of money is spent in securing legal services and Sir Omehia's case is not an exception. This money spent in pursing a 'frivolous' case can never be called back. Sir Omehia would have done himself a great deal of good if he had channeled it into useful project. Any way, life is about learning and hope he has learned his lessen by allowing himself to be use by faceless forces who do not mean well for the Rivers' People.

Sir Omehia should have borrowed a leaf from Prince Tony Princewill and other governorship aspirants that make up the life wire opposition tagged the Forum of Organized Opposition Political Parties, in contributing his on quota towards development the of River State rather than engage in what legal pundits describe as 'frivolity'.

In a press statement by the Rivers state Action Congress AC, made available its Publicity Secretary, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, said: ''In reacting to the news of the judgement, Prince Tonye Princewill fresh from a whirlwind political jaunt to Abuja and Benin, commended the �� Justice Aloysius katsina Alu led panel for its landmark judgment whilst stating that with this verdict the final nail has been driven into the coffin of speculations concerning Amaechi's rule and with this, the Governor can now face the affairs of state squarely without unnecessary distractions''.

The press release went further to state that: ''When following Amaechi's Supreme court victory in 2007 and the subsequent decision of the AC leader Prince Tonye Princewill to withdraw his petition/case at the election tribunal which hitherto had been on challenging the veracity of Omehia's victory at the polls in favour of partnering with the governor in what has today evolved to become a strategic partnership that is a major reference point in the Nation's polity; Many were the naysayers who believed Princewill had made a big blunder. But with this development the AC Rivers State has yet again been vindicated''.

ONUKWUBE UWANU, a social commentator writes from Elelenwo, Port Harcourt Rivers State

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