Imo State A Mountain Of Corruption, And A Cesspool Of Fraud

By Office Of The Publicity Department, All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) Imo State

For some time now, I have refrained from writing or talking about governor Anayo Okorocha, having realized that his self imposed Harakiri and his downward slide will continue to aid the opposition in the months to come. Why write about a Governor who even in his best outing has continued to to erode the political capital accumulated by default over the years?political expediency notwithstanding, Christian charity does not encourage the thrashing of a drowning man, nor vituperation upon a man on a sick bed.

how else do you asses a man who seems to be at war with humanity or on vengeance against society ? If he is not pulling down houses that are sustaining people who no longer have access to jobs, he will be busy on another day pulling down round-about and road medians cast in concrete only a few years back and replacing them with new ones built with hollow blocks and at super-exorbitant amounts,(rescue figures).

If he is not quarreling with the disabled community, he will be quarrelling with the Amawom Community. If he is not quarreling with ITC workers, he will be quarreling with Concorde staff. If he is not quarreling with his deputy, he will be quarreling with Anambra people for voting in Gov. Obiano, and if he is not quarreling with APGA or calling president Good luck Jonathan names, he will be either quarreling with his current transit platform (APC) or he will be at war with his fellow governors.

Just recently even the dead at Umunguma specialist Hospital mortuary were on a protest against Rescue mission abandonment.

Today it is much easier for the proverbial camel to pass through the eye of a needle than to count 10 persons who will stand behind Gov. anayo Okorocha as hundreds of thousands did in the 2011 era, what a tragedy, none in our contemporary clime have squandered so rich a political goodwill. Not even the biblical prodigal son, in so short a time, with unabashed impunity, like the undertaker from Ogboko. As winston Churchill will say, " In the long history of our race, never was so much owed by one man to so many".

Yet having had a glimpse of his impending political waterloo, a quick-fix approach was initiated recently in the name of LGA tours to assess projects, no doubt aimed at re-enacting the lost magic. Ironically these are the same LGAs he moved around every week on one imagined inspection. Pray, what has he been inspecting all this while? Unfortunately, the glory have departed. Instead of taking the case direct to the populace and apologizing for his many failures,and betrayal, he is now busy grandstanding and hounding petty contractors, all aimed at diverting attention. DID OKOROCHA GIVE ANY CONTRACT TO HIS OPPONENTS? WERE THE SO CALLED RUN-AWAY CONTRACTORS NOT HIS CREATIONS? A few days ago he lamented at Ihitte Uboma that after paying over 90% to contractors, there is nothing to show for it. Isn't Ihitte Uboma the home town of his conniving speaker Uwajimogu? Whao!

Why the belated revelation? So Okorocha is suddenly aware that contractors have been collecting 90% contract fees without executing them. Even then, these are just small contracts given to his lackeys who have fallen out of favour. Why make scapegoats of anthills when Imo state is now a mountain of fraud and cesspool of corruption? Haven't the EFCC and many Imolites been saying such for two years? If Gov Okorocha could dash N1.3bn Imo money to a Lebanese, Joseph Dina, why should small time contractors finish their jobs whereby they have lost over 20% already to the government and her agents. Or is 'my people- my people' governor not aware of the exorbitant amounts skimmed off every contractor at source? That will be the day.

What of the mega billion Naira contracts to family and trusted fronts? What has happened to over N200Bn borrowed so far in 2 years of rescue abracadabra, and again in addition of over N600Bn of direct allocation excluding derivation, IGR, and other funds? Since 'my people- my people' governor is "lamenting" that contractors run away after receiving 90% of their payment, it is now necessary to tell Imolites where the real billions are, not just making scapegoats of contractors involved in some obscure LGA trunk E earth works. Then Imo will be on rescue route. For now Imo will remain a cesspool of fraud, till..........?

Sorry sir, your lamentation at Ihitte Uboma is not sincere. Imolites can no longer be deceived.