Arms Search In My House A Blackmail- Al-Mustapha

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The Al-Mustapha family is in the news again as men of the Joint Security

Task Force in the northern city of Kano wrong raided Hadi Al-Mustapha's

house in search of arms through wrong information.

Hadi is younger brother to Major Hamza Al-Mustapha, former Chief Security

Officer to the late Head of State, General Sani Abacha.

His house was wrongly raided by the JTF on Sunday.

He has urged security agencies to expose the informant that misled them

with the information which prompted the raiding of his residence at Isa

Dutse Road in Bompai area of Kano metropolis.
Hadi described the false information on the recent raid carried out in

his house as an embarrassment, harassment, intimidation, “and it is

uncalled because I have never been engaged in criminal activities all my

According to him, “the house raided is my personal property and not that

of my elder brother, Major Hamza Al-Mustapha as earlier insinuated. Though

the JTF has apologized and noted that the raid was in error as a result of

false information, I still call on them to expose the informant because I

believe it was a deliberate blackmail to smear my image and the name of my

Hadi while speaking to reporters in his residence said, “it was pathetic

and sadden that the JTF after searching his house and found nothing

incriminatory, communicated with the informant to tell him that there was

nothing incriminatory found in my residence; and up till this moment, they

have refused to expose the informant to the public; if this issue is swept

under the carpet, who knows the next victim?”
He further explained that, “I was not in town on that very day the JTF

carried out the raid. It was not only uncalled for,” saying the incident

caused trauma to his family as they were admitted to hospital due to the

agony they passed through in the hands of security men.