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On behalf of the good people of Nigeria, we command our government to immediately without protocol -since no protocol was used in stealing this funds outside of the budget-STOP 'subsidizing' kerosene.

With immediate effect, the NNPC must commence selling kerosene at N156/liter or the current price it is imported at, absolutely no subsidy applied for the entire 10 million liters sold every day.

The prior looted N700,000,000 that was used in the subsidy scam daily is to be invested in a special new 'Rescue Nigeria before it is too late,' project, with investments on a state by state basis with most pressing issues and problem states as priority.

It is without question that before any talk of 'transformation,' the nation needs to be urgently rescued.

Not all Nigerians have the privilege of flying around safely in private jets and driving safely in bullet proof cars, being so secure they can look forward to 'transformational' development.

Only those alive and safe can benefit from $40,000 a pop, assembled in Nigeria cars.

Most Nigerians can barely eat, live on less than a dollar a day and praise God every day they wake up, not murdered in their sleep.

Apart from precious lives, Nigeria is losing billions in our Boko Haram plagued north east.

Rescue Nigeria project is drawing up a plan to immediately focus on digging the north east out of the grave it has been in for the last 4 years.

Rescue Nigeria is moving to the north east March 1st, to begin investing the funds right away.

At $4 million per day previously-till yesterday, that is-looted by Diezani's gangs, for the remaining days of February, the Rescue Nigeria account will have $12 million in its account to start off.

We present a press summary of the immediate plan: Rescue Nigeria project in the north east plans to begin recruiting civilian volunteers for a broad base border defense force and civilian jtf intelligence operation.

The north east has 2000 km porous borders.
This will be completely sealed under operation rescue Nigeria.

Though their duty, it is unfair that soldiers from all over Nigeria come to unfamiliar terrain of the north east, and dare to operate in the area, dying to defend the zone.

Nigeria's army will get depleted and worn out at this pace.

Our plan is to recruit 20,000 unemployed Borno youth for the first draft.

These youth will be trained in intelligence, basic combat and rifle shooting.

Boko Haram trains their militants in such a short time, we will do better.

These trained youth will be employed and spaced along the stretches of our porous border, equipped with night vision goggles, radios, and ammunition.

Salaries per month for the 20,000 will be about N1,400,000,000.

That's about how much was stolen in two days.
(Subject to review) 2 day's theft allocation, N1,400,000,000 will purchase 20,000 units of $500 a piece night vision goggles.

Uniforms, walkie-talkies, water-bottles will be purchased for N600,000,000, less than a day's loot.

Rifles are cheap.
The SKS or M28 we will buy 40,000 rifles for N700,000,000.

A day's loot.
With enough bullets.
Other ammo, grenades, etc will be purchased with a day's loot.

With another day's N700,000,000, we will purchase 300 transport vehicles for border patrol.

And then, with another two day's stash, $8.
7 million, we will purchase an array of mixed reconnaissance drones and small-bomb drones.

This amount will purchase over 3000 drones and build 110 drone command centers.

The information from this volunteer watch and defense force will be coordinated to/with the remaining army units for strategic locate and crush operations.

Totally, 10 days loot will provide a super strong army and employ many youth.

Add 1 more day for other expenses, logistics and training.

That is 11 days loot to produce a force that will change the dynamics of the Boko Haram crises and employ youth and feed families.

By the twelfth day, we will move Rescue Nigeria to another group of states, and only retain 3-4 days/month loot for the maintenance of this youth vigilante force in the three states, Yobe, Borno and Adamawa.

That's a day out of 30 days, per month per state.
The north east will have an opportunity to recover life and economy.

At this rate, after one year of initial set-up, all states in Nigeria will be able to run endowment and recovery projects, some utilizing their entire monthly one-day loot budget and some better-off, less crises states sharing .

30 x N700,000,000 for 36 states.
This project will be supported and transparently perused daily by the global youth community.

In this internet age, we youth are equipped to decide, plan and properly conference and manage our lives and matters of governance and national priority with the help of electronic communities.

#RescueNigeriaProject The next stop for Rescue Nigeria will be, Benue, Plateau, Nasarawa.

We submit this proposal to the Nigerian government and people for your approval.

#KeroseneForLife Written By Dr.
Peregrino Brimah http://ENDS.
ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected]

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