Nicholas Ukachukwu And His Deceits: Anambra Deserves To Know The Truth…

By Ikeagwuonwu Chinedu

If we continue to teach our children about tolerance and intolerance instead of good and evil, we may end up with tolerance of evil. The excesses of Mr Nicholas Ukachukwu and his cronies has reached a crescendo of intolerance, the time has come for the people of Anambra state to know the truth

The governorship of Anambra state is not for sale and neither is it for the highest bidder. Since the past ten years, the state has witnessed series of democratic trials, disruptions and political backwardness and a particular name been consistently implicated in most of these political aberrations and that name is Nicholas Ukachukwu.Are we going to run away from Anambra state because of the like of Ukachukwu, God forbid!!!

The Anambra state PDP Governorship primary that held on the 24th of August 2013 has been adjudged as the freest and fairest since the inception of this democratic dispensation. The organisation, openness, fairness, decorum and political maturity exhibited by both aspirants and delegates is still unprecedented in the state and yet, Mr Ukachukwu Nicholas, who contested and lost in the presence of NTA and all delegates from across the state has not lost sleep to overturn the result of the primary for his selfish ends

Few days ago, this same individual went to Court to get an ex parte injunction restraining PDP from accepting the result of the primary without putting Tony Nwoye or INEC on Notice, alleging and cooking up a lot of deceitful lies to coerce the National Working Committee of PDP from submitting the name of the eventual winner of the primary Comrade Tony Nwoye to INEC.

Having noticed that his manipulative court injunction came late as NWC has already submitted Comrade Tony Nwoye`s name to INEC, he made a sudden u-turn and started bribing the press to instigate that Tony Nwoye whose tax certificate is up to date has been forged. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

What a suicidal desperado for a man who has been indicted and investigated by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in the looting of Taraba, Nassarawa and Bayelsa States with his construction company SNECOU GROUP OF COMPANIES LIMITED. Few months ago, he was invited again by the EFCC to explain his roles in the diversion of funds, embezzlement, looting, fake contract and accessory to financial crimes against Bayelsa state government perpetrated by his company to the tune of more than two Billion Naira.Does he want to use Anambra state money to settle his debts?

This of course makes perfect sense the motives behind this desperation to win the Governorship of Anambra state by any means necessary. Anambrarians cannot be deceived once again. It was this same Nicholas Ukachukwu that escaped lynching few years ago when he and his cronies were caught in a fraud he midwifed only for him to flee to Borno State and out of the blues proclaimed himself an Evangelist, what a deceit.

It was this same Ukachukwu that bribed and paid hotel accommodations for delegates during the primary only for them to vote him out at the exercise. It was this same Ukachukwu that imported thugs from Enugu that threw stones at Police men and tried to force themselves inside at women development center only for them to be resisted. It was this same Nicholas Ukachukwu that tried to manipulate the result of the delegate primary and ended up burning some cars belonging to some delegates at Ayamelum.It was this same Nicholas that printed fake voters cards, printed fake delegates cards and intimidated delegates and party leaders at the Primary and yet the delegates stood their grounds and voted him out

We cannot run away from Anambra State because of Nicholas Ukachukwu.PDP does not want him and Anambra State does not want him either. Must he be a Governor through the instrumentality of force and deceits?

Mr Nicholas Ukachukwu should please stop manufacturing false accusations against Comrade Tony Nwoye.He should stop instigating the press against Comrade Tony Nwoye.He should stop using his corrupt money to raise Court actions against Comrade Tony Nwoye.He should please stop intimidating the good people of Anambra State

We call on the People Democratic Party, Anambra State to rise up and defend their mandate, which was given to Comrade Tony Nwoye on the 24th of August, 2013.We call on the National Working Committee of PDP to caution Mr Ukachukwu Nicholas from bearing false witness against Comrade Tony Nwoye and from insulting the people of Anambra State


Pharm Udeorah Ikechukwu
Engr Ikeh Obinna