Yar`adua hunting for rats when the house is burning

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Even a blind mind or an imbecile would not subscribe to Yar'Adua's recent visit to Saudi Arabia, just for the purpose of being a Special Guest of Honour at the inauguration of a higher institution of learning in that country. He left unattended the United Nations invitation where he was offered opportunity to drive home the Nigeria project. He instead requested to be represented by the Foreign Affairs Minister Ojo Maduekwe; not even the Vice-President was considered most appropriate to represent him.

But the most annoying aspect is that while Yar'Adua's home higher institutions are reeling in about three-month-old strike with no end in sight, he left for such an assignment as he did in another country. So he values higher institutions? This can be likened to when Akwa Ibom governor left his ASUTECH for close to two years while at the same time left to receive a honorary doctorate in a Katsina College of Technology.

President Yar'Adua is so much in love with Nigeria he is presides over yet his party (PDP) was holding an all important meeting in his absence. One wonders why the President is always not finding it expedient to prioritize his schedule for the good of the nation. The other time, he jetted out for weeks on an unannounced 'lesser hajj' and at another he left for Brazil while his home was on fire with 'Boko Haram'. He condones corruption as if it does not bother him and this is very evidently sad.

I do not care whatever form it takes, we need revolution to sanitize leadership of our nation. Nigeria must move forward; right now it is sliding so rapidly that almost every facet of the nation is under threat.



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