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By NBF News

Many years ago, a prominent woman-Church leader died in my town and was seen in hell by someone in a dream. Her son could not brook that insult. He took up arms against the man. 'How could my mother be in hell?' he queried as if that could alter anything. Many people condemned the dreamer and his dream. But Dr. Yonggicho, the eminent minister of God from Korea, has foreworded Heaven Is So Real, written by Choo Thomas, who was frank to the syllable, in declaring that she saw her mother in hell.

Had she claimed that she saw her mother in Heaven, many people would receive her testimony with a pinch of salt. But it was in hell, a place everybody loathes, even the atheists, that she saw her Mom. Hell is a place for regret and perpetual suffering, a home for God's enemies and nobody ever wishes his enemies to go. Painful truth is what many people abhor to hear, even the saintly, especially, when it dims their ego. But Choo said it clearly that she found her mother, not someone's mother, but hers, in hell. The testimonies I receive from some people about their dead parents are different, very amusing. It is always how their unbelieving parents made Heaven, escaping hell by the whiskers. The truth is that they do not want their parents to be associated with hell. Their narration is how they met their parents unconscious and impressed upon them to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Any noise from the dying parents would be comfortably interpreted as 'Yes'. The truth is that such unconscious parents would make a similar noise if asked whether they would like to go to hell.

Choo Thomas is different. She made her narration as it was. It took God's grace for her to admit that her mother is in hell. Hell fire! She had a rare encounter with Jesus, Who, was appearing to her repeatedly. The Lord took her to Heaven and also to hell severally. What she saw made her conclude that Heaven is real and so is hell. Lavishing His love on her, the Lord declared many times that she was His beloved daughter. He commended her for her commitment and purity. After witnessing the beauty and glory of Heaven, the things of this world became mundane to her.

There was nothing to compare with her agony that darkest day she saw her mother, father, some family members and friends in hell. If one sees one's mother or father being paraded as an armed robber in the television, it is nothing to compare with seeing one's parents in a place of perpetual torture. Lost eternally! No redemption! In jail or after serving, an armed robber still has the opportunity of hearing the gospel and repenting. That was Ayo's fortune in Lagos. He gave his life when I ministered. A repentant armed robber or criminal will make Heaven, not as a second-rate citizen and where we are, is where he will be. Halleluiah!

When Choo saw her parents in hell, Jesus did nothing, absolutely nothing, because He could do nothing again. A bold woman, who could not hide her feelings, Choo demonstrated her displeasure before Him. She did what most woman do when they want to twist the hands of their husband - cry - crying passionately - crying to draw attention and to raise emotion. It is a weapon that rarely fails.

That day it could not change anything. Jesus could not do anything for the woman He loved much. Imagine a situation where the Principal of a school warned her prefect she loved dearly to read her books and she did not. She provided extra coaching and still the student ignored it. One day, the School Certificate result was released and the student failed. What will the Principal do? Nothing!

Many years ago, a Christian brother I loved much was one of those invited for a job interview. I set the questions and also marked the scripts. He scored 60 per cent and another candidate made 72 per cent. What would I do? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! The following day, another applicant came, informing us that he was coming from Police detention. My boss allowed me to test him. He made 90 per cent. I recommended him. The Human Resources department, for the first time, stepped in and interviewed him and was not satisfied with him. I was told to invite my candidate who scored only 60 per cent while my boss was to invite the man that scored 72 per cent. My candidate showed up and got the job because the message the other man received did not specify the company that invited him. It was when the job had been given out that he showed up.

Heaven or hell is not like that, not a chance phenomenon. Once there is crystallization, nothing can be done, not even by Jesus. Easter is tomorrow. It signifies the victory of Jesus over the cross. Jesus, the Lamb of God, died vicariously for us. By rising from the dark grave, He has demonstrated how man, no matter the gravity of his sin, will rise during the rapture. It is the guarantee, if we repent, that neither us nor our parents will be seen in hell, if we live by His Word.

There are answers beyond the 'skies'; we all have equal access to them.
By: Ayami Dennis