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Peaceway Is So Narrow

By Adeola Ikuomola
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At the tail end of a lion
Glows the burnished iron
Founded weighing diversities
Our cities are built on adversities

We as rabbits in the hole
That is our habit as a whole
The blazing bombs in full flight
Celebrate our documentary plight

Peaceway is so narrow
For lamps in wheelbarrow
Dread and death on night call
To celebrate graves as mortars fall

Here is another weekend
For a regionalised weak end
Now numerically no soul craves
For a visit to those geometric graves

The bells of hate we ring
Body bagged, in peace we sing
Indeed in the breastplate of terror
Reigns the tyrannical emperor of error


Working on details
Seeking dawn to detail
Dewdrops offered to retail
The departed dark hawks' tails

They have gone
In the wagons of gun
They have touched down
With their made in death gown

Our wears in tears
Our tears end in wears
Bunches of amputee rear
With baskets of livers to bear

Ladies' handbags
Like scarce icebergs
Reign with our eyes bags
The angriest midnight drags

Those angry allies
Like lightning they fly
In fires and furies they rely
Celebrating deadly adversaries

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