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New Year Message From The President Of The Nigerian National Association, The Nigeria (nna-nl)

By Nigerian
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Good Morning Fellow Nigerians,
Today, we celebrate the beginning of a new Year, 2017. I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year. This New Year 2017 is a brand-new year to start afresh, to start strong, work hard and another chance to achieve everything we set out to achieve together. Our new year resolution is to serve Nigerians residing in the Netherlands with dignity and transparency, spread love and affection to all and face any challenge with courage and confidence,

2016 was difficult for many Nigerians, but we must look forward to the brighter days ahead. Things will take a better turn if we can develop a positive attitude and be optimistic. We can overcome hardship if every Nigerian starts thinking of what we can offer to our Country instead of what our Country can offer us. Positive change starts from helping our fellow Nigerians and the less privilege. Positive change starts from condemning corruption both home and abroad, not worshipping ill-gotten wealth. Realizing that the wealth we embezzle today will have a negative effect on our Country’s Economic development. Nigerians must say no to religious intolerance, tribalism, and sectionalism.

We have talented Nigerians with various expertise who are ready to offer advice in any area if called upon. We have given our full involvement to uplifting the good image of Nigeria in The Netherlands and can say with the deepest sense of humility and modesty that Nigerians in The Netherlands have so much to offer to improve the economic situation in our Country.

NNA-NL promise to improve the living conditions of all Nigerians residing in The Netherlands in 2017 with effective interventions in the following key areas.

1. Promotion of Nigerian Customs and tradition (2017 Nigerian Festival)

2. Education and Business Seminars.
3. Integration of Nigerians in the Dutch Society (Dutch Language and legal permit)

4. Women Empowerment and healthy Lifestyle
The above are the milestones we set for 2017 which must be achieved with the collective efforts of all Nigerians in the Netherlands. I urge us to ignite our Communal spirit, our Unique approach to beating adversity, our inborn resilient spirit, it is that spirit that has kept the Nigerians alive, and it is that spirit that will keep us alive for generations to come. Therefore, I urge everyone to try to have a clear mental picture of the future and a realistic path to its actualization. I implore our Government to make strong law against corrupt practices. Create jobs across all sectors and maintain a diversified economy.

We thank all Nigerian associations in The Netherlands and their representatives for their undying support while wishing you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings this year.

Long Live The Nigerian National Association-The Netherlands, Long Live The Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Chief Mrs Evelyn Azih
President, Nigerian National Association The Netherlands(NNA-NL)

JOSEPH AGBOR | 2/6/2017 6:37:00 PM
We pray that God should heid our president of Nigeria, long live our president of federal Republic of Nigeria,i also aske the man of God,to pray for our president of Nigeria in London,thank you and God Blee you all Nigeria Aman.
Nwobodo ikechukwu | 2/14/2017 2:30:00 PM
I think as a public office holder,the presidency owes Nigerians if not the entire world an apology. We must know his welbeing so we can support or pray for him. Anyway am just passing., the fact remains that Trump spoke to our president on phone oooh. And his return last week was hampered by faulty aircraft, mechanics and okada repairers are working on it. Hopefully by the end of this week. Latest by friday he will be in town.
Chief Okoro | 2/24/2017 9:48:00 AM
THE SOUTH AFRICANS ATTACKING NIGERIANS LIVING IN THEIR COUNTRY. These things happens because we have no Government that cares for the protection of her citizens. What we have in place is a Government of Towns Men. As an Hausa man, let me look after the Hausas, as a Yoruba man, let me take care of the Yorubas and as an Igbo Man, let me take care of the Igbos, hence the whole world has chance of dealing with Nigerians in a bad fate because no Government cares for them. With the helps Nigeria rendered to South Africa in liberating them from the hands of the white, their citizens shouldn't be attacking Nigerians in the way they're doing at present. From Ghana to Ivory Coast, DRC, even common Central African Republic to Cape Vade all the same story you will be hearing the maltreatment is the same. What have we done? Because we have ambitions where others go to bed in the day time but we chose to go and look for something to feed our families and that was all . The lazy sleeping ones will term such action criminal or over ambition. However, no average Arab man that love America and yet all of them want to visit New York. Also, all these mushroom African Countries don't like us and yet their citizens want to visit Nigeria. Until we start fencing our borders like Trump and they will realize our importance to their welfare . Reply
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