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I look on to that day

When Nigeria, growing older

From strength to strength

Stabilizes in peace, unity and fraternity

I look on to that day

The struggle for leadership, so long hard

Will be connected to service, not mere grammar

For only the disinterested

I look on to that day

When corruption will be buried

In Service and penalties aptly imposed

Without a look on the face or post

I look on to that day

Nigerians will march on one footing

Against misrule and the leadership fears

The angry protest of a single commoner

I look on to that day

A Yoruba mother will tell her child

The beauties in a Hausa damsel

And the dexterity of an Igbo chap

I look on to that day

The blood of an Igbo man or the Kalabari

Will be Haram in the city centres

Of Kano, Maiduguri and Ogbosho

I look on to that day

The yell of a Christian in Yankari

And the trauma of a Muslim in Afikpo

Will be a history

I look on to that day

A pastor will tell his followers

The goodness of an Imam

And Imam, God’s words in the Bible

I look on to that day

When a child from the Mosque

Leads Abia, and a Christian child

Leads Katsina with the merit of citizenship

I look on to that day

Abuja and Lagos will become

Everywhere in this nation

Even if only in the capitals

I look on to that day

Though, as were, peace isn’t wholesome

In a single man, family or society

We live together without suspicion, fear or rancor

I look on to that day

How long! Will it eventually come?

Nay, only a living desires and hopes

And God’s beside the hopeful, the hopeless

I look on to that day

Our hopes will no longer be dashed by ourselves

But that we hold on to the truth

And make this nation the desire of every living being.

I look on to that day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written By Muhammad Ajah

[email protected]

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