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Distorted Greeting

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Have you noticed that in Nigeria we see greeting as an obligation that the young ones owe the older ones? This is so, given our traditional and cultural standards, where our native greetings is designed in such a way that only the younger ones greet the elders or older ones. This, I see nothing bad in, given the nature of the greetings. But when it has to do with borrowing the English man's greeting, I think it's only proper that we adopt the greeting in its entirety, bearing in mind that the English man's greeting, for example, “good morning” is a greeting that conveys a wish in it. Telling someone good morning is, matter of fact, a wish for a good morning. That you say good morning doesn't mean the morning is good but that you wish the morning to be good.

Now, if we agree with the English man's greeting as ideal, isn't it amazing and laughable when we borrow this form of greeting and transform it to ours. This can be seen clearly when you observe the way we greet the English man's greeting of GOOD MORNING. When you greet majority of our older ones good morning, especially those with inordinate pride, the response you get is “how are you?”. Now, there's absolutely nothing wrong with asking to know how one is doing. However, it is not a question of wanting to know how the one that greeted you is doing but a show of superiority. What's bad if you respond with the same wish of a good morning and after that you inquire to know how the fellow is doing? And also, what would happen to the older one if he or she is the first to greet the younger one?

I hereby submit that there's serious psychological issues with our thinking ability. The earlier we change the way we think, the better for us. A people cannot effectively progress with such outdated mentality.

It is indeed underwhelming to see the way we greet and the value we place on it. I rest my case and hope it stays so rested.

Thank you!

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