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No English grammar or linguistics grammar. It is action. It is eye opener. It is the worst castration of man by man. It is de-Nigerianizing Nigerians. It is quagmire of governing stupor. It is the greatest undoing of Nigerians. Let every one that reads this know assuredly that our leaders, past and present are all – inclusive, amputators of Nigerians and castrators of the masses. The so called leaders are putrefying woodrots and glamourized armed robbers.

Now look at this analysis:
Nigeria makes 101.7 billion US dollars per year, note: Not 101.7 billion naira per year. I say, Nigeria makes 101.7 billion US dollars a year which Goodluck Jonathan, OBJ, IBB, Buhari and all governors and their allies collapse and devour as a vulture that eats between the meals. Let no body deceive you that Buhari is not corrupt. Buhari stole 2.8 billion US dollars in 1978 when he was Oil Minister of Obasanjo Administration He stole more than N2.5 billion when he led PTF under Abacha Administration. 54-suit cases of corruption with Colonel Umar (rtd) was Babangida in action. So, Colonel Umar (rtd) now a mechanized farmer and social critic at Kaduna is equally extremely corrupt Nigerian. I am not talking of Major Umar (rtd) also a social critic at Kaduna. I am talking of Colonel Umar (rtd), one time Governor (Military) of Kaduna State. Obasanjo stole more than any other Head of State in Nigeria. He is life- terminator of Nigerians. IBB is corruption – made flesh. English literature calls IBB corruption – personified.

Abacha is hereby exonerated because he is dead and forgotten. Abdulsalami Abubakar is the visitation of satan on the purse of Nigerians satan gave birth to Abdulsami Abukarkar as far as corruption is concerned. Atiku Ababakar is the first cousin of satan the beelzebub as far as corruption is concerned. Atiku Abubakar, pulverized, powdered and grounded the moving train of positive change in Nigeria by siphoning all monies in Immigration and Privatization exercise.

Orji Uzo Kalu of Abia State was life terminator and castrator of Abians and his “Mother Excellency” between 1999 – 2007. Tinubu of Lagos is the worst sawdurster of Lagos State treasury. He wants to wear the shoe of Awolowo in Yoruba land, but is never anything near the up rightness of Awolowo. For eight (8) years, this son of waste and first class rogue and thief and life liquidator of Lagosians is making himself the godfather of Lagos and Yoruba politics. He shall soon be forgotten.

The islamic Northern governors like Yerima of Zamfara, the Sharia merchant, for eight years (1999 – 2007) paralyzed Zamfara people and de-blooded them. He was using state fund for marrying under aged children, claiming that Mohammed married 9-year old. But Mohammed is dead and highly probably now languishing in hellfire with all the imams and emirs and sultans and shieks that are now dead. Whereas I cannot dwell on Mohammed that is dead, people like Ahmed Yerima of Zamfara State that brought sharia into Nigeria should be detained and relegated to Kirikiri maximum prison for life.

Lucky Igbinedion of Edo state exchanged the blood of Edos with gutterspine water. Every last Kobo was stolen in Edo State by this merchant of death and younger brother of satan the devil.

The list is endless. Don't allow one to open up the financial atrocities of Goodluck Janathan's wife called Dame Patience Ibifaka Goodluck Jonathan. This woman's place in hellfire will be the hottest considering the amount of money she has stolen in this Country. The wife of the late Head of State, Mrs. Turai Yar's Adua is the unarguable queen of public fraud liquidation. This Katsina-born criminal, conduit-piped, all-inclusive, monies of Nigeria when her husband's life was in Limbo, when she was the defacto Head of State. The present Oil Minister married to Oji River former Navy boss has certainly siphoned all oil money in Nigeria to be buying house in Switzerland, Paris, London and Amsterdam. She does not cook for her husband. She has never visited Oji River in Igboland. In fact, this lady does not know Enugu, the capital of Igboland. They married in Lagos and Abuja. This woman has siphoned the last kobo of NNPC.

Goodluck Jonathan's Administration is now the most corrupt in the history of Nigeria. Look at this analysis:

Crude oil production per day 2.5 million
Current price per Barrel 113 US dollars
:. Daily oil revenue 2.5 x 113

= 282.5 million US dollars
Monthly Sales 282.5 million X 30 days =

8.475 billion
Yearly Sales 8.4475 billion X 12 = 101.7 billion US dollars
Naira equivalent 101.7 billion X

160 naira =

16.272 trillion naira per year
Nigeria's Budget for 2012 4.5 trillion naira
Surplus money 16.272

- 4.5

11.772 trillion naira

So, Goodluck Jonathan answers this question: Where is the surplus money of 11.772 trillion naira every year?

Fellow Nigerians, Nigeria makes surplus money from the sale of crude oil alone up to N11.772 trillion (naira) per year. Yet, Nigerians are the poorest in the world. Yet, Education is costliest in Nigeria in the whole world. Yet infrastructural decay in Nigeria is the worst in the whole world.

Right under the nose of Goodluck Jonathan: Legislators are stealing the money, Ministers such as Okonjo-Kwella, Allison-Madueke, and the rest are stealing the money, advisers and personal assistants are stealing the money, governors and their first ladies are stealing the money, permanent secretaries and directors of ministries are stealing the money, vice chancellors of universities such as the first class armed robber and stealer of public fund at University of Nigeria by name Professor Bartholomew Okolo and others like him are stealing the money.

The question is: what is Goodluck Jonathan doing to stop this day light burglary of public trust and looting of public treasury by his cronies, allies, friends, and acquaintances? I rest my biro-pen for now.

Comrade Kindness Innocent Jonah is a seasoned Human Rights Activist and an unbiased National Commentator. Also visit these facebook sites: Justice Stand, Nigeria Unity and Kindness Innocent Jonah. Read his write-ups also in: the [email protected] His Facebook Account is kindness Innocent Jonah. Please visit his site.


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